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Racers planning to attend the 2016 WHPSC 

Vehicle Name Year Built Designer/Builder Rider(s) Personal Best Speed Rider Nationality Class
 PulsaR 2015 Team Policumbent Andrea Gallo 72.19 mph Italy Mens
ARION2 2016 University of Liverpool Ken Buckley, Yasmin Tredell 75.03 mph, ,--- Great Britain Mens & Womens
Super 8 2016 Larry Lem Larry Lem 67.71 mph USA Mens
Cygnus Chronos 2014/2015 Team Cygnus Jan-Marcel van Dijken 79.43 mph Netherlands Mens
Eta 2014/2015 Aerovelo Todd Reichert 86.65 mph Canada Mens
Eta Prime 2015/2016 Aerovelo, HPVDT Calvin Moes 76.50 mph Canada Mens
Velox XS ? Team Elan Ellen Van Vugt 70.82 mph Netherlands Womens
Velox 6 2016 HPT Delft Jan Bos, Rick Flens 78.59 mph, --- Netherlands Mens
Super Ketta Machine 162 2016 Team Super Ketta Ryohei Komori 58.2 mph Japan Mens
Bowstring 4 2016 Veniamin Ulyanovskiy Alexey Kiristaev --- Russia Mens
Slimpossible 2016 Dave Sianez Dave Sianez 46 mph USA Men's multitrack
DF Velomobile 2016 Daniel Fenn/ Intercity Bikes Peter Borenstadt
Greg Thomas
Peter-60.08 mph
Greg-72.5 mph
Men's multitrack
All Overzealous 2014 Trisled Gareth Hanks 72.94 mph Australia Men's multitrack
TRlage 2016 Andrew Sourk Andrew Sourk --- USA Men's multitrack
Velox S 2014? Hans Van Vugt Florian Kowalik 57.92 mph USA Mens Junior
Reynold 2016? University of Plymouth Sarah Piercy --- UK Womens Multitrack
IK 2016 Universidad de la Salle Team Astrik Calva
Alejandro Hernandez
--- Mexico Mens
Alta´r5 2016 IUT Annecy Aurelien Bonneteau ? France Mens

See the Rules for determination of pre-qualified racers

Additional Racer info:
Qualifier events will be run on SR 305 in the morning on a shortened course to allow racers to qualify for a full length run on SR305. This means that anyone with a fast bike can come to the event and attempt to qualify for a record run on SR 305. 

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