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To help streamline the signup process, please sign up now using this form. (MS-Word format)

Racing Course 
The Rt. 305 course has a five mile run up with a 200 meter trap. See this page for course slope info. Only racers who qualify in in the top 20 will utilize this course, with two sessions in the morning and two in the evening, each lasting 20 minutes. We will attempt to launch an equal number of bikes per session, two to three minutes apart. The order of start will be: Early session: slower bikes group, fastest first to slowest (to lessen the risk of one bike overtaking another). Later session: faster bikes group, fastest first to slowest.

These are the mileage marker signs for the racers. Note that they count down to the end of the 200 m trap, not the start of the trap!

Entry Form 2012
WHPSC tentative Schedule of Events 2012 (in MS Word format)


Special events 2012:

As in past years, Battle Mountain does it's best to keep things interesting for the racers and helpers. As all the racing happens in the mornings and evenings, there is a chunk of time in the afternoons to find other entertainment. All the special events will be run to complete by 4.00pm so there is time to prepare and get to the course.

7:00pm Super 8 mandatory meeting all teams and volunteers

1:30 - 2:30 - "What to do when the other woman's a bike" - Women's meet and greet - Host Carole Leone - Location TBA.

12:00 - 2:00 - Show & Shine
Bikes at the Battle Mountain Civic Center for Schools and the public.
- Riders bring their vehicles to the school to display. Each team should have a bike there and at least one team member to talk about it. Lunch will be provided.
- (If you want lunch please sign up in Conference Room at the Super 8 by Monday afternoon.)

IHPVA Board Meeting

12:00 IHPVA General Membership Meeting
Conference Room Super 8. Discuss direction and status of the organization and accept nominations for new directors and VP positions.

12:00- 2:00 Drag races
Immediately after morning session in front of the Courthouse. Robert Barnett organizer


8:00pm: Awards Ceremony and Banquet
Owl Club - sign up in the conference room


MediaSee Press Release

WHPSC Rules:

This event's primary purpose is to set speed records. These records are sanctioned by the IHPVA. Current IHPVA record categories for absolute speed are: Mens, Womens, and new for this year the IHPVA recognizes new records for male and female "junior" riders.  Juniors are specified by age on date of record attempt, in three age groups: 8 through 10; 11 through 13 and 14 through 16. Currently no official Juniors records exist, so now is the time to set some!

There will be a three-person protest/advisory committee. This committee will have final decision-making authority on any disagreements that can't be easily resolved. Contact the Event Coordinator to make your request.

This event will run under the IHPVA Competition Rules.

Team Information 2012 (in MS Word format)

Chase Vehicle Rules (in MS Word format)

Volunteer information 2012 (in MS Word format)

While spectators are free, racers need to pony up some cash for the privilege of racing. 
SR 305 speed run Racers  - $200
Certification and Practice runs only- $30 (plus another $170 if you qualify and want to race on Rt. 305)


To Be Determined- Donations accepted

Super 8 normally blocks off a bunch of rooms for us.
Bertha Dorothy is the contact for any questions. The # is 775-635-8808. Bertha says make sure reservations are made using the IHPVA name otherwise the blocked off rooms will not be available.  WiFi is included. Make your reservations early...

Super 8 Motel

Address: 825 Super 8 Dr. P. O. Box 307 Battle Mountain, NV, 89820 USA
Phone: 775-635-8808

Other Motels in Battle Mountain

The event will be held on stretch of HWY 305 about 14 miles south of Battle Mountain, Nevada., which is located on HWY 80 about 219 miles Northeast of Reno, NV and 301 miles West of Salt Lake City.

Though Battle Mountain has it's own airport, the closest commercial airport is in Reno, Nevada. Once there you can rent a car and take a high speed 2 hour trip to Battle Mountain. 

The first day's event will start at approximately 7:00 pm on Monday. Any daily cancellations due to weather will be available on the Battle Mountain Chamber of Commerce telephone at 775-635-8245.


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