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Sam Whittingham set two new speed records in 2002, this time Sam marginally upping the bar to 81 MPH in the tweaked Varna Diablo II. Andrea Blaseckie set a new speed record in the Varna Mephisto by upping the Women's 200 meter record speed by an incredible 10 MPH to 64.74 MPH. 

Unseasonably cold and wet weather conditions hampered the racer's speeds significantly in 2002, and both Sam and Andrea are bound to go faster in 2003.

Sam and George are tweaking both bikes to bring them to their full potential for the 2003 season. 

Sam's BM 2003 Powertap graphs showing speed VS power

Varna Diablo II at BM in 2002

Varna Diablo II Statistics
Size - 8 feet long, 16.0 inches wide, 29.5 inches high
Weight - 60 lbs

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