World Human Powered Speed Challenge

Spectator Information

Event Location:
The event will be held on a stretch of State Route 305 about 14 miles South of Battle Mountain, Nevada. Battle Mountain is located on US Highway 80 about 219 miles East of Reno, Nevada and 301 miles West of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The event runs from Mon Morning Sep 10th. and ends Sat evening, Sep 15th.  There will be qualifying sessions Monday morning followed by speed runs Monday evening.  Speed runs will take place every morning and evening Tuesday through Saturday. 

Very Important Guidelines:
NDOT is very concerned about the safety of the race participants and spectators.  They are responsible for stopping traffic during the event. Though this event is held on a public highway, for safety, the following event-specific rules are in effect:

  • For the evening sessions, each night a free shuttle bus will depart from the Battle Mountain Civic Center to take spectators to the spectator area. The bus departs from the Civic Center at 4:45pm Mon-Sat and stops at both the catch area and the spectator area to drop off spectators. After the last session, the bus will pick up folks from the spectator area and catch area and return to the Civic Center around 8 pm.
  • Bike riding to the event is not allowed due to lack of shoulders and high speed gravel truck traffic. 
  • Absolutely no spectators may walk or ride on Rt. 305 once the road has been closed.
  • Absolutely no spectators may walk or ride on State Route 305 once the road has been closed. There will be a spectator area with bleachers and a porta-potty located at the timing traps. The spectator area is the best spot to view the record attempts at their highest speed.
  • No spectator vehicles will be allowed to park along the course! 
  • Driving to the event is discouraged due to limited parking. Please use the spectator bus. There is a parking area located at the catch area about 2/3 of a mile from the timing traps at mile marker 104. Parking priority is for team vehicles, official's vehicles, and chase vehicles. You can walk to the spectator area from there before the road is closed. This will be a minor adventure in bushwhacking as you must walk along the fence, 50 meters from the road. Wear long pants and sturdy shoes. 

The road closures and attempts will run from 7 am -10 am Mon-Sat, and 5 pm - 7 pm Mon-Sat, with a traffic break after each 20 minutes of speed runs. After the races, join us at the Battle Mountain Civic Center for the announcement of the times, speeds, wind conditions, etc.

Super 8 normally blocks off a bunch of rooms for us.
Joan is the contact for any questions. The # is 775-635-8808. Please make sure reservations are made using the IHPVA name otherwise the blocked off rooms will not be available.  WiFi is included. Make your reservations early...

Super 8 Motel

Address: 825 Super 8 Dr. P. O. Box 307 Battle Mountain, NV, 89820 USA
Phone: 775-635-8808

Other Motels in Battle Mountain:
Big Chief Motel
Battle Mountain Inn
America's Best
Owl Club

A banquet and awards ceremony will be held after the last session on Saturday night. See event schedule for details