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Fairing Design
How to Build a Streamliner
How to make blown fairings
Mounting instructions for the WISIL blown nose cone kit
How to make wheels disks (wheel fairings)
NACA ducts - why and how - How to cool your HPV without slowing it down
The Fairing Scale project - streamliners with multi views and dimensions.
Fairing Building Projects                                              Top
HPV of Earth builds a practical fairing for his trike
Sean Costin's Swift speedbike project
The NoCom tailcone project - making the NoCom faster!
Barracuda Streamliner fairing design and construction
Building Coroplast tail fairings
Practical HPV fairing project
Rick Wianecki's velomobile project
Garrie Hill explains how to build a female mold.
Larry Lem's speedbike projects
The Spencer Team Panther Speedbike project
Francesco Russo's Risretto speedbike project
Rick Wianecki's Frank-n-Liner speedbike project
Reg Rodaro builds the 'Cuda-W speedbike, Stormy Weather velomobile, and other projects
Tim Marqaurdt builds the Whoops160 speedbike
John Tetz Zote foam velomobile project and Zote forming manual
John Tetz Vacuum formed Zote foam streamliner project
John Tetz Orange foamshell streamliner project
Raymond Gage builds the Orion Speedtrike
Steve Copeland's Velociraptor Speedbike project
Jeff Bales Lunatic Fringe Speedbike project
Ed Gin's 1998 Coroplast fairing seminar 
GeeBee Varna Clone project
The Rob Wood ABS Plastic streamliner project
The Garrie Hill blown fairing page
The Coslinger Club Racer fairing
Nick Green's "Wooden Fish On Wheels II" streamliner
Paul Jones Rotator Pursuit fairing
Brad Teubner's Speed Ross fairing
Eric Warp's "Warp Drive" Lightning P-38 fairing
Eric Warp's cool Rotator tailboxes
Recumbent Bike and HPV Building Projects                                 Top
Warren's Recumbent Racing Trike page
Warren's dual 650C Highracer project
Warren's dual 700 steel quasi-lowracer project and the CF dual 700 quasi-lowracer project
Warren's chopper recumbent project
Warren's CF dual 700 High Racer project
Warren's streetracer2 project
NoCom Modifications
Warren's Folding low racer project
Warren's Barracuda low racer project
Warren's Barracuda street racer project
Sean Costin's NoCom Aero bars
Brad Teubner's HPV Projects
Gerrit's NoNonsense Lowracer
Rick Wianecki's Convert-a-Bike-Trike Velomobile project
Jeff Bales build a NoCom clone
Jason Ericon's Varnator streamliner page
Phillip Gohier starts to build a Space Age Lowracer
The Coslinger II speedbike project
Tom Porter's Recumbent Bikes and Plans
Rick Gritters' Lowracer and Streamliner projects
Rick Wianecki's Low Racer project
Rick Wianecki's leaning trike project
Mike Nelson builds a streamliner
Richard Myers MuleE fully faired, fully suspended practical racer
Coslinger Special - The Costin/Ollinger streamliner project
Rob Wood's Leaning Delta Trike project
Sean Costin's bike building highlights and lowlights
Rob Wood's Lowracer project
Kevin Berls streamliner project
BMX to Recumbent bike conversion project
Forrest's BMX to Recumbent conversion project
WISIL Missile streamliner
Ray's "Alley Cat" low racer project
Ray's compact low racer project
Tour Easy Clone plans - Warren's first recumbent bike project.
WISIL Human Powered Aircraft project - Flugtag Chicago 2003
WISIL Aircraft project II  - Flugtag Miami 2003
Warren's HPBs- Warren's Human Powered Boats.
1999 Recumbent Bike projects
1998 HPV Recumbent projects 
1997 Recumbent HPV projects
Electric Recumbent Projects                                               Top
The Electric Hybrid Recumbent Project Page
HPV Design, Test and Building Instructions                                        Top
Wayne Shook's HPV Shell Designer software
Bicycle Frame Design - an article by Charles Brown
Steering and Ride Roughness Formula - an article by Charles Brown
Formula for Estimating the Air Drag of Unfaired Recumbent Bicycles - an article by Charles Brown
Putting It All Together - recumbent bike model performance characteristics and speed potential -  Charles Brown
How to shorten a fork
Coast Down Testing
HPV Simulator - Human Powered Vehicle graphical speed simulator
Trail Calculator - Calculate the optimal high speed trail for your 'bent project
Gear Inch Calculator - Calculate your drive train gear in/cm and max speed 
HPV Time/Speed Calculator - Find the speed from a time and distance
Recumbent crank length calculator - what crank length is right for you?
Tape Switch sprint timer
Anti-pogo rear suspension analysis by Charlie Ollinger
Coastdown Measurements by John Tetz - a comprehensive observations and analysis
Left hand drive freewheel for FWD  - John Tetz 
Carbon Fiber mesh seat - John Tetz 
Bomb Bay Doors - John Tetz 
Welding Zote Foam - John Tetz 
Zote Foam stiffeners - John Tetz 
Tire rolling resistance vs temperature - John Tetz 
Vacuum Bagging 101
Vacuum Infusion Basics - VIP 101
FWD Suspension design
Frame Tube Techniques
Making a recumbent bike frame jig
Making a tubing clamp
Making remote steering 
Streamliner Landing Gear
Better Idler wheels for low racers
Making a chain management idler wheel
Making a jackshaft (intermediary gear)
Headshock - Making an in-head-tube suspension
The Q-Factor page
Compact Human Powered Boat drive system
Spoke length calculator 
Testing Polyurethane Solid Tires - Fun with Solid Tires 
Articles and Commentary                                                            Top
How to go fast - Commentary by Warren Beauchamp
Recumbent bikes are not (always) faster - Commentary by Warren Beauchamp
Great ideas that don't work so well - Commentary by Warren Beauchamp
Super-Mileage Vehicle Fuel Economy as a Function of Speed by Nick Demma
Streamliner Physics by Nick Demma
Streamlined HPV technical papers by Nick Hein
The future of races and racers - Commentary by Len Brunkalla
'Bent ettiquette - Commentary by Len Brunkalla
Fast and furious - Commentary by Len Brunkalla
The future of HPV racing - Commentary by Sean Costin
Aerodynamics of road vehicles - a book review by Nick Demma
Ride Streamlined - A humorous parody Bill Volk

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