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CF Z frame highracer conversion to gravel bike
Remembering David Gordon Wilson
New 18650 battery pack for the e-Cuda
Rebuilding a Bacchetta Giro with dual 20" wheels
The (Mostly) Steel Racing Trike
The Recumbent Racing Trike page
Chicago Unconventional Bike Expo (CUBE) 2016
Kickstand Classic Win on D7CFQLR
Report on the 2016 Chicago Unconventional Bike Expo (CUBE)
Warren is interviewed on the Laid Back Bike Report
Completed the CF Dual 700C quasi-lowracer project
Battle Mountain 2016 results
Started the CF Dual 700C quasi-lowracer project
Published the Charles Brown recumbent bicycle design papers
Published the Wide Eyez Bike Helmet Shield Review
Updated the Cuda-W page
Battle Mountain 2015 results
HPRA Racing results
Created a web page for HPV Shell Designer app with a "how to" guide.
Updated the Dual 700C lowracer project
Published Wayne Shook's cool HPV Shell Designer App (for Windows) Download file1 file2. Run setup.exe
Updated the car aerodyamics page, and the Maxima mods page
Created the Cuda-W streamliner Cd Analysis page
Updated the dual 650C Highracer project
New project(!?) - Folding carbon fiber lowracer
  Updated the HPV Simulator page
Updated the Dual 700C lowracer project and the Chopper e-bike (now a recumbent!) projects
Pictures from the 2015 Florida HPRA races
WHPSC 2015 at Battle Mountain
HPV of Earth builds a practical fairing for his trike
Warren's dual 650C Highracer project
HPRA results page with 2014 HPRA results and pictures
Updated projects Cuda Subframe3, Chopper e-bike
Updated the Dual 700C lowracer project
Final Battle Mountain 2014 results and pictures
Light & Motion bicycle light review
Ralph Koser's recumbent bicycles by Mike Eliasohn
2014 Recumbent Cycle-Con coverage and report
Brad Teubner's tilting trike conversion
Updated the sprint timer page
Evelyn Hamilton, Recumbent Racer?
Battle Mountain 2014 site launched
Templates for sprockets and other bike parts
Updated project Cuda Subframe3

How to build recumbent bike using garage sale parts
Updated the bike jig, junk bike, and idler pages
How to go fast!
Updated the Recumbent Buyers Guide
Updated the HPV bike links and HPV bike clubs pages.
Updated the HPRA results page

Updated the HPRA rules page after the HPRA race directors meeting. Changes were combining Stock and Superstock classes and recommending seatbelts in streamliners.
Updated projects Cuda Subframe3, Chopper e-bike
Updated the Used Recumbents and Parts page with a new editor for details and cosmetic changes.
2013 Top 10 Human Powered Achievements list

Sean Costin's Swift speedbike project
Updated projects Cuda-WDual 700C lowracer and Cuda E e-bike.
Battle Mountain World Human Powered World Speed Championships 2013 website
Updated the Dual 700C lowracer project
Larry Lem's Glowworm tandem speedbike project
Cuda-W front subframe III reloaded
Updated the recumbent bike buyers guide. See all the new models!
Dual 700C lowracer project
Updated projects Cuda-W Cuda Subframe3, CF Highracer,  Chopper e-bike
2012 HPRA Points totals by Bruce Gordon
2012 Ohio HPRA Results   Pictures   Video
2012 World Human Powered World Speed Championships Results and Pictures
2012 Hydrobowl HPB race results and Video
Video - testing Sean Costin Swift 70MPH speedbike
2012 Iowa HPRA Results   Pictures by Dan   Video
2012 Northbrook/Kenosha Racing Results   Pictures by Tony   More pictures
2012 Michigan HPRA Results

2012 Michigan HPRA Pictures
2012 Florida HPRA Results
2012 Florida HPRA Pictures1 and Pictures2
How to shorten a fork

Updated projects Cuda-W, Cuda-W drivetrain II, Cuda E e-bike
Adding sensors to an RC ebike motor

Results and Pictures from the 2012 Michigan HPRA races
Results and pictures and more pictures from the HPRA Florida challenge recumbent races
Battle Mountain World Human Powered World Speed Championships 2012 website
Added new recumbents.com search page
Updated the sprint timer page
Updated Warren's chopper/bobber recumbent project


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