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This is Peg's (My Wife's) Rotator. Once I put a tailbox on it, she complained she was running out of gears at high speeds. Now she wants to upgrade the components and get skinnier tires (this from someone who rides twice a month and could previously care less...) Pegstailboxside.jpg (8627 bytes)
Ericstailboxside.jpg (47615 bytes) This is my Rotator. Upper (yellow) part is 4mil Coroplast, which provides support for trunk and about 12 pounds of crap-- tools, full Camelbak, spares, pump, etc. Lower part is 2mil "natural" Coroplast, which is purely for channeling the air from Steve Delaire's Kevlar front fairing to the rear. 2mil is great stuff because it forms compound curves easily.
Your local supplier can get it with his regular order-- just call ahead and be prepared to wait up to four weeks. Cost here in Northern California is US$6.00 per 4x8 sheet-- a steal. Combine an order with your buddies and get a buttload of this stuff... it weighs almost nothing and cuts with kitchen scissors. Ericstailboxlightshow2.jpg (68358 bytes)
Ericstailboxrearview.jpg (60256 bytes) Steve Delair suggested I go with the "dorsal fin" based on his experience with the "Solar Cat," and it's a definite plus. I need to add a fender before the rainy season to avoid coating the inside of the fairing with crud. The "natural" Coroplast is gorgeous, almost sci-fi looking, but also shows off any gunk that's collected on the interior. At six bucks a sheet, anyone can afford to experiment. Buy a lot, go fast and have fun!

Seat Detail
Ericstailboxseatdetail.jpg (31290 bytes)

Trunk Detail
Ericstailboxtrunkdetail.jpg (2660 bytes)


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