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Leslie Bryant Tucker


Bryant Tucker has died. Bryant, also known as “Bad Cat” Tucker, had been a fixture in the HPV world for many years. Bryant had also been a very successful race car driver, having won the Soldier’s Field Championships for four consequtive years, in the early ‘60s.

Bryant was also a race car designer and an innovator of several automotive gadgets. He designed and patented a quick-release seat belt in the 1950’s. He was well known for his high-mileage experiments with his two Honda Civics and had even evoked interest from the manufacturer, Honda America.

Bryant was no less innovative with HPV creations, experimenting with low-pressure fairing venting, rider streamlining and all based around streamlined upright bikes. Bryant had been actively involved with several bike clubs and USCF racing for decades before he was introduced to the IHPVA, and HPVs. He was racing competitively (and leaving people in his dust) up until a couple of years ago.

Bryant was a very kind and gentle man, rather quiet, but always friendly, always a gentleman. For the past two years, Bryant had been fighting a losing battle with Cancer and during the month of August, he took his own life and made his own peace. He is survived by a niece and nephew. I can easily say that Bryant was liked by everyone that met him. He was respected by every racer who’s path he crossed, whether on or off the track. We will miss him. We will all remember him as a friend and a very good man.

Two races have been renamed in Bryant's honor. The first was the Northbrook 100 velodrome race, which will now be known as the "Bryant Tucker 100". The second was the recently run Wisconsin Challenge, which is now known as the "Tucker Challenge".

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Bryant, at a very cold and wet HPV race, on one of his earlier faired bikes


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Bryant, racing at the Cheddar cheese challenge in 1995 (I think he beat me that year).

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Picture by Jeff Potter
Here's Bryant, his cardboard faired spaceframe bike, and his heavily modified Honda Civic. He faired the wheelwells, tail, and underside of the car. It reportedly got 70MPG with these aerodynamic improvements.

Thanks to Len Brunkalla for this information.

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