Ray Stockinger's Low Racer HPV bicycle
Ray Stockinger's Low Racer

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Ray (R.D.) sent me these pictures and description of his compact low racer. He raced this low-racer at the 1999 HPRA races on the Indianapolis velodrome last year. He's made some changes to it, including the nose cone, since then.
proto1.jpg (6570 bytes)
proto4.jpg (6329 bytes) The front wheel has a roller brake and a 13-24 cluster, this will probable change due to a lot of drag from the early version of roller brake.
R.D. came up against a hill with a bad knee so now it has a few more gears. He started out with a 2 chain set up. Then went to the limited gear range set up. Now he has a 2 chain set up again. He uses a free hub with only 2 sprockets to transfer from chain to chain. A flexible Sachs 52 chain works well. He could get away with a stiffer chain on top. Out front is a triple ring mountain bike crank sporting hyper drive c. proto3.jpg (8127 bytes)
proto2.jpg (4345 bytes) The "K feeder Enterprises Inc." nose cone. This nose cone is actually made to keep squirrels from climbing up the pole a bird feeder is mounted on. It has a 1" mounting hole in the center of it. While not a perfect aerodynamic creature, it does make a chilly day tolerable. The whole thing with PVC and hose clamp mounts was under $25.00 USA. If you have some time to kill or are wondering what your ride would be like streamlined, R.D. recommends a test ride with this on. Recipe: Go to hardware store and find a bird feeder protector.( He tried to get a clear one but it turned out to be cone shaped) Then make your way to the PVC area in the store and collect a T connector that will fit your BB (This is for SWB). Next you will need a 1" outside dia. piece to pound into the hole in the Kfeeder. Then one foot of pipe that fits the T connector and one foot of pipe with a 1" inside diameter. R.D. used 3 hose clamps to assemble this. The hardest part was cutting and shaping the T connector to slip onto my BB=bottom bracket. Check out Mounting instructions for the WISIL HPVers Nose Cone Kit for a better vision of bubble mounting

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