A high powered trike project by Matt Schumaker

Here is my latest build. It started life as a KMX Typhoon.

Here you can see the stock trike.
First I stripped the frame.
Next the frame was bead blasted.
I decided to widen, lengthen and lower the frame. I settled on 5 inches wider, 3 inches longer, and 3/4 inch lower.

 In this picture, you can see the frame cut apart with inserts fabricated...

...and then the frame welded together.

Next I took the stock seat frame and welded it to the mainframe in a Space-Frame arrangement for added strength (after being stretched and lowered) and for added torsional rigidity. I like the trellis look.

For quite some time I have wanted a yellow and black bike or trike. To that end, I had the frame powder-coated "Safety" yellow, then clear coated.

For a high powered trike, the stock one inch wide rims weren't enough. So, I had custom rims made for me oversees. These are 1.75 inch wide (front) and 2 inch wide (rear) rims. They were also powder-coated yellow and clear coated.

You can also see the front rotors. These are 203mm units (up from the stock 160mm). I also installed Hope 4 piston calipers.

The drive unit for this trike consists of two Astro Flight 3220 motors that were custom made for this application. They use larger than stock (1/2 inch as opposed to the stock 3/8 inch) shafts with outboard bearing supports. They are wound for 14,000rpm at 48 volts. These motors were dyno tested for me at 14hp each. That is 28hp total! The torque is nearly 100ft pounds at the rear wheel. I expect 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds (it has the power to weight ratio of a shifter kart). The reduction unit I machined in my shop.

I machined a torque arm and chain tensioner to help keep things in line.

Here the drive unit and torque arm assemblies are installed. This part was time consuming but very rewarding! There is such tight confines in this frame. However, I finally got all equipment mounted and lined up. Now, I need to take it all apart for final anodizing of the remaining bar aluminum parts!

Here is the right side of the installed drive system. The bare aluminum cover will be anodized black, then engraved in the CNC.

One more shot of the drive unit from above, rear.

Here is one more shot from the right side showing the chain routing over the tensioner.
Here is a shot of the steering dampener. This is a basic aftermarket allow, adjustable dampener. I learned a while back that high speed on a trike requires dampening!

I decided to run two separate master-cylinders (one for each front brake) that are activated individually by two fingers on one hand. The left front brake is operated by my left middle finger while the right front brake is operated by my left index finger. This gives differential braking for cornering and smokey donuts!

The throttle is a Magura twist grip modified to be a thumb throttle. It looks really nice next to the stock KMX grip shifter.
You can see the custom tillers. These are upgraded tillers we CNC machine for the Catrike line. However, I decided to run them on this trike. They are nice because of the adjustability. Plus, they work much better in the "Motorcycle" layout rather than the stock vertical tiller arrangement. In the initial portion of the build I neglected to give many details of the creation of this trike. But, I must say, these tillers to not just bolt onto a KMX trike. The steering spindles required a HUGE amount of modification to make these work!
I run Lithium Polymer batteries on my bikes. For this build I decided to make some CNC machined battery boxes. So, to that end, we machined a bunch of twin pack boxes. Here is the first box. They will all be anodized black eventually.
Here you can see a machined aluminum battery box mount plate. This was made to give a hard-point for the heavy battery boxes to mount to.
Here are the finished black anodized battery boxes mounted to the frame. The covers will also be black with CNC engraving on the top.

The trike has been turning out so well, I decided the stock seat cover just did not look very good. So, I went to an embroidery shop and had some cool stripes embroidered in yellow to match the frame. This small detail really ties the seat cover into the look of the rest of the trike.


I have done quite a bit more work. However, I do not have any more pictures to show. I will send more updates soon!

Oh, this trike is being built for sale. I expect it to be available by April. Final price is $10,000 with charger. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at shumaker@owc.net



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