Michigan HPRA HPV and Recumbent Races 2012

Races held May 19th and 20th at the Waterford Sportsmans Park road course, in Waterford, MI. Weather was great with low winds and temps in the 80s. Turnout was also good, with 16 races in stock class.  Results by Bruce Gordon Thanks to the MHPVA for hosting the event.

Pictures by Jeff Hunn
Pictures by Jun Nogami
Pictures by Mike Mowett

Pictures by Warren.

U of Toronto Bluenose streamliner.

Rick Gritters' Dacron over chrome-moly tubing streamliner. This fairing now splits in two so it will fit into his compact car.
Garrie Hill peeks over his Quest fairing while waiting for his turn to run the hillclimb coastdown.
Jim Iwaskow on his Jester
Cameron in Bluenose
Sean Costin tacos his NoCom chainring taking off for the 1 kilo sprint. He was able to straighten the chainring and race with it the next day.
Jim Iwaskow - side view.
Dave Johnson in the BSG streamliner built by Rick Wianecki
Bruce Gordon races his "superstock" Zox lowracer.
U of T Vortex streamliner
Wally Keihler in his F-40
Uof T Ace streamliner

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