2009 WISIL Hydrobowl
2009 WISIL Hydrobowl
The 2009 WISIL Hydrobowl HPB races were held Sept 12th. Weather was warm and winds were moderate. Race director was Bob Buerger. Pictures by Aaron Stiles, words by Warren.
 Aaron's HPBs. Aaron designs and build geared drivetrains, with prop shafts that hang over the sides, and uses his own custom props.

HPB Videos by Aaron
 He likes to take his dogs with him, so the boats have plenty of room for four footed passengers
A Hobie flapper powered boat, and Bob Buerger's workhorse catamaran.
Lee Karsten's new wooden trimaran. 
Rich Hodgkins' carbon/kevlar racing kayak 
 Paul Neiderman races his cat.
 Jake Free on his monohull HPB with side stabilizers
Rich in his Kayak 
Jake sprints through the buoys 
 Bob and Jake
Rich carves through the slalom. 
Rich, Paul, and Jake. 
 Lee in his trimaran
Every year Lee comes with a faster boat 
? in the Hobie 
Hobie drivetrain 
Jake hangs out on his boat 
Paul sets up the static pull frame. Bob and ? supervise.
Here's how the static thrust test is set up. The basket is filled with bricks. The more bricks you can lift, the more low speed power your boat has. 
 Aaron's boat excels at this tug boat test.
Jake uses a special prop just for this event. 
 ? connects the static pull rope to Lee's HPB.
A wheel makes the boat much easier to drag back up the hill to the parking lot.
 Inside Lee's boat. Very nicely finished!
Bob is hooked up to the static thrust test
Bob lifts some bricks 
 Jake and Bob pull up the buoys that made up the course.
 ? in the Hobie.

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