Hydrobowl 2006 pictures
Hydrobowl 2006 pictures
Races held September 9th 2006 at the Rockford, IL Pierce lake in Rock Cut state park.
Pictures by Dan Grow and Warren Beauchamp. Verbiage by Warren.

More Hydrobowl Pictures by Richard Hodgkins

Hydrobowl Racing Results
Dan Roche puts his latest creation together. This version has beautiful 12 foot hulls that he build using a female mold. In addition he's using two ducted props, which were designed for an E/V vehicle, and the two fold down wheels for easy transportation.
The props fold down into position. Dan said the props were not too efficient for HPB use, but they sure look cool.

Dan packed up the HPB after the 100 meter sprints with a grinding noise in the gearing up by the bottom bracket.

Here's Jake Free's Road Warrior HPB. Ok, he calls it Liza. He just finished putting it back together after the wind blew the trailer over when he was returning from the HPB races in California, which broke the first 8 feet off the front, and smashed the back.
This boat was built to set a 24 hour world record. This picture shows Jakes bulletproof drivetrain that he built for Fast Freddy Markham to make the attempt.  
Here's Dan Grow's HPB. Along with other tweaks this year he built a new organic sculpture seat for the boat.
This is Aaron Stiles heavy duty off-road bike.  It goes really fast down the hills, and is gears really low, so you can get it up the hills too.
Here's Dan boat, all put together and ready to drop in the water. You can see the upturned stabilizer floats. This keeps much of them out of the water when they are not needed. 
Dan added a new lightweight CF rudder. This rudder is large and airfoil shaped  to prevent stalling in the tight turns.
 Spectators mill about and try to stay warm. Temps were in the middle 60s and the wind was a stiff 5 to 10 MPH out of the North.
Rich Hodgkins took a bunch of pictures of the racing action, as well as providing wet and near hypothermic racers with technical kayaking clothing.  
 Warren Beauchamp mugs for the camera.
Paul Niedermann didn'y race this year because of  a broken foot, but he brought a "ringer" to race his boat "Paul's Cat". Paul's rider, Steve Forss really made Paul's cat fly.
Here's Dan's monohull in the water. It looks idyllic, but the wind was stiff enough to create whitecaps on the lake.
Bob's boat waits for Bob to find time to put it together. So that the races could begin near the time sceduled, Bob ended up setting up the center slalom buoys while the 100 meter races were underway.
 Aaron Stiles brought this new monohull HPB with unique rudder fairing. It was made of fiberglass over solid foam and was nicely finished. Aaron had just completed it the night before, and had some problems with steering and the drivetrain that required Bob to take his 'ole trusty blue hulled boat out and rescue him.
Bob Buerger brought the parts for his "new" catamaran, and he and Len Brunkalla worked hard to get it put together as everyone else raced.

Unfortunately, he broke the drivetrain shortly after putting it in the water, and was not able to race it. Next year!Unfortunately, he broke the drivetrain shortly after putting it in the water, and was not able to race it. Next year! 

Rich Hodgkins and Peg Cipolla were the official representatives of the kayaking community. Here's the beautiful carbon/Kevlar racing kayak that Rich raced.
 Here are a couple very pretty surf-skis that Rich brought. The yellow one is for sale...
Warren Beauchamp times the races. Peg Cipolla checks out her GPS.
Dan Grow watches the races. 
 Bob Burger crises into shore with his blue hulled workhorse boat. On Friday night we loaded this little boat up with 250 pounds of anchors and floats so Bob could set up the course.
Warren puts the dive unit into his kayak. Warren thought he would be able to race without any stabilization floats this year, but after tooling around in the water for a while, he quickly discovered that any turn made the boat lean, and that it was very scary and decided not to race it. Fortunately Peg Cipolla had brought these red "Sea Wings", which were designed to help train kayakers. They were a lifesaver, and allowed warren to race his boat and be competitive.
At the end of the day, the boats were all loaded back onto the cars and trailers for the trip home.
Jake Free was so cold after spending the day in the brisk wind that he broke out the ear muffs... 

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