2005 WISIL Hydrobowl Pictures
2005 WISIL Hydrobowl Pictures
Races held Sept 10th, 2005 at Pierce Lake in Rock Cut state park, Rockford, Illinois.
Pictures by Dan Glatch. Wordage by Warren Beauchamp. Race Results
The 10th annual WISIL Hydrobowl races races were held September 10th, on Pierce lake, in Rock Cut State Park, Rockford, Illinois. The summer of 2005 was extremely hot and dry in Illinois. This day was no exception, and the proximity to the water did not help the humidity. 
After the 100 meter sprint races were the slalom races. Short maneuverable boats really shine in this event. Longer boats with no rocker need to resort to big rudders or other means of making it around the corners. I had a tiny rudder this year, so I had to use the floats and some leaning to negotiate the course. 
Dan Grow did much better this year. With his large rudder he was able to get around the slalom very quickly for a 19 foot long boat. 
Bob Buerger and Len Brunkalla prepare to run some races on Bob's tandem catamaran. 
They were able to get one good 100 meter run in, with the chain not falling off until the final 20 feet. When they tried to do a second run, Bob's drivetrain blew up. Doh! Next year!  
Paul Neiderman blasted the slalom course in 1:57. A very fast time on his nimble catamaran with 12 foot hulls. His wife, a runner, later testing her prowess on the boat, and was very fast. We may see more of her on a boat next year... 
A youth group from across the lake, and their obligatory  chaperones, provided a great cheering section for our races. 
Racers gather for the next race. Jake is in the foreground, Dan and Warren in the background. 
Paul's Cat is still the only HPB I know of with more than one gear. He uses a standard bike cluster in his drivetrain to optimize his cadence for different conditions. It seems to work well. His drivetrain got some sand in it and locked up during the static thrust "drivetrain breaker" test.
Dan's boat saw a major amount of tweaking for this year. New drivetrain, new amas, new ama mount, new seat, and new rudder. All the hard work paid off as Dan ran a 22 second 100 meter sprint (about 10MPH). That's fast for an HPB!
Warren's new HPB did very well for a first year completely untested design. Many changes will of course be needed for next year to tweak the design. 
The SeaWind drivetrain on the converted Necky Sea Kayak slides into a wet well and stays securely in place. Bungee cords assure that it does not fall out and sink to the bottom if the boat capsizes.
HPB Newby Dan Roche showed up with a beautifully machined, brand new HPB. While not the fastest boat on the lake, he quickly learned what need to be tweaked for next year, and vowed to return with a faster model. 
Here's a closeup of the drivetrain. He used an off the shelf bevel gear unit and a driveshaft straight down the center of the extruded aluminum channel everything is mounted to. 
Jake eases into shore. Jake tweaked the floats on his boat for this year, but otherwise it's the same currently unbeatable design. Jake used a special prop for the static thrust event to win that event by a large margin.
Jake speeds off for an early lead in the 2K race, which was run around the outside of the race course buoys. 
Warren Passes Paul during the 2K race.
Dan stays on Jakes tail early in the 2K race
Warren passes Dan and tries to catch Jake, but Jake is too fast. On the other side of the course, Bob puts the pedal to the uh... water.  
Bob passes Dan Roche on the inside during the 2K race.
There were lots of weeds close to shore this year, but the course itself was clear of weeds as usual. This picture, which was taken from the start of the 100 Meter course, shows the HPBs at our port by the finish line, as well as the picnic area. 

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