Hydrobowl pictures

Hydrobowl 2K+1 Pictures
Held September 29th, at Pierce lake, Rock Cut state park, Rockford, Illinois

Human Powered Boats lined up along the shore of Pierce lake on a beautiful September day. The lake had been lowered a few feet for some work on the dam, which created a nice sandy beach to land the boats. 6 boats raced, and others showed up from time to time to watch or gawk. Thanks to Bob Buerger, Bill Murphy, and everyone else who helped out. You can click on most of these photos for a higher resolution image.
This is Aaron Stiles Version 2 HPB. He's planning on going into production with this model dual counter-rotating prop driven kayak. More information can be found on Canyak.com, eventually.
Bill Murphy's "Transducer" 16 foot long surfboard style, flat bottomed HPB. This boat features a very compact drive unit, which is mounted toward the center of the boat, and a rear rudder. This is a very efficient design, and Bill out sprinted and out maneuvered me consistently. 
Bob Burger's 14 foot long "Cardboard copycat" mid drive catamaran, which uses boat storage shrink wrap on the fiberglass over foam core hulls to make them smooth. Bob uses this same drive unit on his cardboard boat hulls, for the Cystal Lake, IL cardboard boat regatta.
Jake Free's Proa HPB. This latest creation of Free Enterprises features a 25 foot long main hull, a center mounted flip up drive unit, and a huge 2 foot long cast aluminum prop. This boat was very fast, easily winning the sprint and distance races. This entry was the overall winner.
Len Brunkalla built this brand new boat for his daughter, Jami. The boat, dubbed the "Captain Kidd", has 12 foot long, fiberglass over solid foam hulls, which fold in the middle. Shown in this picture is the drive unit which uses a twisted .25 pitch chain inside the down tube. This boat is rear drive, front steer.
This is the latest incarnation of Warren Beauchamp's rear drive, rear steered "Sidewinder" HPB. For this year the 12 foot long, solid foam hulls were narrowed and reshaped, and the prop stays were modified to  improve the steering. A Bolly HPB prop was used this year but since my times were the same as last year I'd have to say the Bolly prop is not recommended over the APC 16x16 prop. This entry came in 2nd place overall.
The Sidewinder was much faster this year, and more maneuverable, but still suffered from steering inadequacies. I'm going to move the rudder to the front of the boat to enable it to corner with less power loss. 
Jake Free maneuvers through the slalom course. Jake used the paddle to held steer in one direction. Jake's proa posted very respectable times in the slalom run, considering that the boat is twice the size of most of the other boats.
12 year old Jami Brunkalla cranks away. This boat performed quite well considering the fact that Len finished the construction the morning of the race!
Aaron Stiles heads toward the slalom course on his ultra compact kayak based HPB.
Bill Murphy heads back to shore after the slalom race. Those are Bob's legs in the background.
Bob Buerger out on the lake. Bob came in 3rd place overall. He sure looks comfortable...

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