Hydrobowl 2000 Human Powered Boat Race Pictures - HPB

Hydrobowl 2000 HPB Race Pictures
Sept 16th, 2000

Racers and birthday revelers gather at the Red Oak picnic area and prepare for the Hydrobowl2000 HPB races. In the picture are boats built by Bob Buerger, Paul Neiderman and Aaron Stiles. hydrobowl2000-picnic.jpg (14722 bytes)
hydrobowl2000-jakefree.jpg (21290 bytes) Jake Free's hand and foot powered Hydrofoil in dry dock. Inflatable pontoons attach to the suports protruding from the sides of the frame.
Aaron Stiles Dual prop drive pedal powered kayak. The drive shafts are folded inside the boat in this picture, but under power they are clipped into the white plastic clips on the sides of the boat. Yes, that's a padle, but Aaron just uses it to steer hydrobowl2000-aaron.jpg (17910 bytes)
hydrobowl2000-warren.jpg (14456 bytes) Warren Beauchamp's Sidewinder, after extensive modifications for this year, was slightly slower than last year...
Bob Bueger prepares for the slalom run. Bob formed the solid foam hulls on his new boat with a 14 foot long hot wire, and then covered them with fiberglass. hydrobowl2000-bobbuerger.jpg (11317 bytes)
hydrobowl2000-kaan.jpg (9135 bytes) Kaan in his paddlewheel powered "Team Aligator" Folboat kayak. Kaan built the drivetrain in about a week, and promises to be back next year with a new, faster boat.
Aaron and Bill Murphy wait for their turns at the slalom. Bill's boat survived being launched off the back of a trailer at 60 MPH on the way to the Sparta races, and was nearly run over a semi. hydrobowl2000-aaron-bill.jpg (11802 bytes)
hydrobowl2000-jamibrunkalla.jpg (13695 bytes) Birthday girl Jami Brunkalla on the Hammerhead. Jami worked very hard to beat Kaan in his paddlewheel HPB.

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