Rich Myers Mule II foam bodied streamliner human powered vehicle recumbent bicycle

Richard Myers "MuleE II" fully faired, fully suspended street racer
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Spring 2001
I wish to announce the passing of MuleE . He was a good old recumbent, very stubborn (hence the name), ill tempered, very rough to ride on bad roads, but a faithful steed. With the new full fairing body ME II will be ready to take on the 12 hour endurance race in May and hopefully cruse past MuleE's 220 mile record in comfort. I will be announcing ME II 's new stable mate by early summer, a pure racing machine. It will be called Blue Streak Time Trialer Special. 

MuleE gave up several parts and all it's running gear to create MuleE II! ME II made his maiden road trip around the block today, and it is already demonstrating how smooth it will be on the bad roads at speeds the old MuleE never dared reach. After a long shake down cruise tomorrow ME II will get a good clean up, a coat of paint and a new seat cushion.

Rear suspension swing arm assembly, with grease fitting.
MuleE II fully suspended recumbent frame with primer paint.
Front view of frame showing various fairing brackets. 
Just a quick update on ME II. I have about 300 miles on it and it is working as I hoped it would. The frame weighs 19 lbs as pictured. It is very comfortable but it may not be as fast as old MuleE because of  the lower bottom bracket. I am building ME II to be fast over 12 hour enduros and 100 milers. I am building a foam body to attach to the nosecone. It will have a BIG door that closes with a zipper . 
ME's old body will not fit without a lot of change so I am going to build a new body using this nose cone & canopy which I think you will recognize. (The nosecone was from the Coroplast version of the Barracuda streamliner)
The landing gear works very well but is too narrow to land on safely . It retracts automatically after starting and did not need any additional opening cut out of the bomb-bay door .
Landing gear in the retracted position
ME II is handling great. Thom & Sean were very skeptical of my very steep fork (76 deg.) & the trailing dropouts, but it is proving to have solid handling. It goes through corners much better then the old ME especially on bumps and loose gravel. The rear end squats a little when you hammer it but it does not pogo. It is heavier then ME, which was never a lightweight, but with all the bracing I do not expect any breakage or bending.
The foam is camp mat foam from K-mart. It's about $4.99 per sheet. I have not worked out the problem of a smooth finish on the foam yet, but as shown in this picture, some types of latex paint seem to coat it well. 
This picture shows how I narrowed my Q while using touring shoes. I narrowed my touring shoes to the width of my racing shoes by relocating the mounting holes for the cleats to the outside of the shoe. I also reinforced the sole with a brass plate so the cleats can bite into the shoe and stop slipping. I added an aluminum block to the pedal that lines up with the ball of my foot to level the foot on the pedal. I sill need to get the blocks welded to the pedals. My foot clears the crank arms but there is limited "wiggle" room .
Here's Richard at The 2001 Indy HPRa HPV races. He averaged 30MPH on the velodrome during the race despite extremely windy conditions.
May 5th, 2001, Richard once again competed in the Calvin's Challenge 12 Hour Endurance Race. This event is popular among ultra distance cyclists and is attended by many RAAM veterans. Basically, the course consists of riding as many 50 mile loops as you can complete, with 7 mile loops being added near the end of the time limit to maximize your distance. Richard once again amazed all who attended with a total distance of 228 miles. Rich's competitors were shocked to see someone of Rich's age (65 in August) finish so well. His 228 miles tied him for 5th place overall, which was ahead of some RAAM wannabees.
Later In May, Rich broke 20 minutes for the first time in the 10 mile Blue Streak Time Trial at Wright Paterson AFB . A time of 19:40 gave him second overall behind Rob Wood's time of 17:32 . ME II's full suspension made handling the rough road and sharp turns easy for him at an average speed  of + 30 MPH . His Finish line speed was 34+MPH .
Rich Myers is continuously improving this bike, and he gets a little faster at every race. As shown in this photo of Rich riding in the October 2001 Ohio races, Rich has made a new foam nosecone for MuleE II, which has a nice shape and made him a little faster. Rich has plans to construct a lowracer based streamliner for next year. 

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