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The WISIL Missile, built in 1995, is a rear wheel drive lowracer recumbent bicycle. It's frame was constructed of 2" OD aircraft tube steel and is designed to allow the rider to sit about a foot from the ground. It's 20" front, and 700C rear wheels are fully suspended. The body is about 8.5 feet long, about 40 inches high and the whole thing weighs about 45 lbs. The fairing is fiberglass and plastic, and was built with NACA (a NASA publication) designed wing sections as a guideline.
In both 1995 and 1996 it was ridden by Sean Costin, and in 1997,  it was ridden by Warren Beauchamp. For all three of these years, the Missile won the HPRA points series. Sean has since built his own streamliner, as has Warren. missile1.jpg (6046 bytes)
To make the Missile more competitive and so that I (Warren Beauchamp) could fit into it, it needed some modification. In it's 1996 configuration, my legs hit the handlebars, and my head was about 5 inches too high to fit under the canopy. The surgery to remedy these problems was completed at the WISIL skunkworks (Bill Murphy's basement). To reduce the knee interference, a short remote steering assembly was added. This brings the steering up closer to my chest, and makes it a little harder to get in and out of the Missile, but my knees felt MUCH better.
We also constructed a new full upper shell, blown (nearly) completely out of one sheet of clear lexan. This reduced the height of the Missile by nearly a foot.

The pictures to the right show the Missile racing in Minnesota in May '97. The black markings on the fairing are tar from a minor crash earlier that day.


As the year progressed, paint, graphics, and a makeshift canopy were added.  The picture to the right shows the Missile (with paint and a canopy) at the '97 NAC event in Kenosha, Wis. Over the course of the year I averaged about 30MPH (barring any mishaps) during the long races, and was very happy with the Missile's performance and reliability overall.

A composite picture blending 3 separate photos taken by Jerry Lee at the '97 Kenosha race.
(The actual positions of the racers have been arranged to make me look good)
Also shown are Robert Lafluer, and Sean Costin.
 As the building contingent was getting itchy to create a "next generation" racer using the knowledge we have gained from racing the Missile for 3 years, we have decided to sell the Missile to raise money for the new project. In 1999, after gathering dust for over a year, the WISIL HPVers venerable club racer was sold to Jeff Potter, publisher of OutYourBackDoor, and an excellent recumbent book.  Jeff has converted it into a more practical vehicle, by adding compartments to carry things, and has raced it with and without the fairing in Michigan.
Jeff Potter says: "I don't want to sell the Missile, but if someone really wanted it, I'd consider it ($1000). I just don't have the fast, small-cargo riding mission very often---and I don't race much either. I just cut some of the tape on the side-windows and added velcro---to make them openable for signaling when riding on the open road. It also has a neat trunk space. The rig is back in action. But it's lots more beat up than when I got it from you guys. I still think it might be worth close to what I paid for it, though. Know anyone? I thought I'd put the word out, in case there was someone really hankering ater a fixer-upper project. Really, it "just" needs tidying, new paint, re-taping."
The picture above and to the left are from the Michigan HPV races during a couple years when Jeff raced the Missile.
Here's the bare Missile chassis. It's a highly versatile lowracer, with front and rear suspension. It's currently set up with direct steering but has all the bracketry for remote steering.
Jeff races the Missile chassis at the Waterford HPV races in Michigan.



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