Three Velokraft NoCom recumbent road rocket bicycles

VeloKraft NoCom Triumvirate

By Warren Beauchamp

Three VeloKraft NoComs (NoCom stands for No Compromise) stand ready for an evening training ride in the Northwest Chicago suburbs.

You can click on these pictures for a higher resolution view.

Warren gets ready to go. Zippy's NoCom is in the middle and Larry's is in front. Note that each one has a different handlebar arrangement. Warren's NoCom is Ed Gin's old one. It and Larry's were the first two production NoComs in existence. They weigh about 24 lbs each, and have front and rear disk brakes. Zippy's is more recent, only weighs 20 lbs, and has front disk and rear rim brakes.
This bike is really laid back. I have already had a couple "personal best"  rides. The best so far was a 20 mile ride at 22.5 MPH, but that was on a windy day so I know I can go faster. See this page for Ed's pictures and write-up on my bike. 

Larry and Zippy prefer the wrap-around "superman" style bars I like the bars up closer, but usually go for remote steering. I'm getting used to the tiller steering.

Apparently we made a short stop off in the Netherlands during our most recent ride.

All three bikes sport the Renn carbon fiber 700C disk wheel in back

This bike is fast and very stiff, so rough roads can beat you up pretty well. All in the name of speed!

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