Holiday Party 2006
Holiday Party 2006
The annual Chicago area recumbent group party. The party is hosted every year by Terry and Roseann.
Pictures and text by Warren
Gerrit, our lowracer buddy on a holiday trip from Belgium, talks to Sean about building his new NoCom Clone. Garrit brought his take-apart FWD steel framed bike to the party (Hmm. No picture...), and will add the aero bits later.
Sean checks out some of the MP3 tunes Gerrit brought with him from Belgium.
GT Gary gets caught mid chew. I arrived at the party late and ran around snapping some candid photos between conversations.
Ok, not all pictures were so Candid. Here's the Chicago girls. L -> R are my wife Karen, racers Barb, Wendy, and Dora, and Ed's wife Shirleen.
Seated  and in deep conversation are Jerry, Freddy, Eric, and partly chopped off is Connie.

In the background people gather around the goodie table.

A gathering of monkeys. Chris, Alan, and Um, some unknown guy.

Chris says he will be racing some TTs next year on his fancy new lowracer (as well as the HPRA races), and will be dragging GT along with him.