Mikes BD-5 Fairing

Mike's BD-5 Fairing

Here's the BD5 Microjet

mike@harleykitplane.com will build fairings from his BD5 molds for your velomobile project.

Mike's semi trailer full of molds

Photo by Mike

Photo by Mike
Carbon fiber layup
BD5-Fuselage measurements


Measurements Adjusted for gyros, recumbent bicycles, EV or GAS trikes.

10 inch stretch fuselage.

Shoulder 22-3/4
23 inches w/seat forward &
smaller pilot

Shoulder Width of cockpit firewall 22"
Firewall top to bottom 3 feet at a slant.

Engine bay width inside
Forward 21- 3/4-width
Aft. 16- 1/4-width
Length 28- 1/2@ top

Rear firewall
Top to bottom 33-3/4
Width @ middle 14 -3/4


Photo by Mike

Photo by Mike
Fuselage width at rudder pedals
19 inches
Fuselage shoulder width 24 inches

Canopy frame & canopy
Measure aft to front 70 inches
with arc

Firewall bottom cockpit to
nose of plane 76 inches

Rear engine bay firewall to
nose of plane 9 feet.

Cockpit width @ instrument panel 23 inches.

Canopy frame length 66 -1/2.

Whole complete Overall fuselage belly (bottom of canoe) length is 12 feet 6 inches.
The are all different kinds of ways you attach skins to recumbents. In aviation (aerobatic plane for example) tubular frame, the skins bolts on with phenolic hard points potted in skins where needed.
Photo by Mike

Photo by Mike
Rear section mold
Rear section part
Photo by Mike

Photo by Mike
factory jig to true the L&R bottom sections I call the canoe.
But jig does not have to be used for some large riders, shoulder area can be spread.
Canopy frame
Photo by Mike

Photo by Mike
Another BD5  fuselage mold
Mike's Harley engine, modified for aircraft use.

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Photo by Mike

Photo by Mike

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