Feb 2004 WISIL meet-n-swap at Wheel&Sprocket
WISIL Meet-n-Swap
Hales Corners Wheel & Sprocket bike store 2/28/04
Once a year the WISIL HPVers gather at the largest 'bent dealer in Wisconsin, the Hales Corners Wheel and Sprocket bike store. We talk about bike projects, racing and whatever. We also get a chance to look at the latest recumbents and to buy, sell or swap bike parts in an informal atmosphere. This year was no exception. Harry Wozniak at W&S is always a gracious host, and WISIL HPVer Dan Glatch had lots of displays and information on hand. Dan took the following pictures at the meeting:
In this photo, Newt, Bill Murphy and ? check out the boxes of parts for sale.


You can click on each of these pictures for a higher resolution image.

Carbon Based Lifeform Garrie Hill explains the intricacies of his exquisite 'Murrican carbon fiber seat to Warren. Garrie built the seat for Warren's ti-Cuda lowracer. 
Tom Porter checks out Scott T.'s TourEasy Gold Rush Replica.
Harry Wozniak tries out Ken's HPS (Human Powered Snowplow).

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