Chicago Area Recumbent Riders January 27th 2002 ride
January 27th 2002 "Thousand Hills" ride.

This was a rare day for Northern Illinois, Sunny with highs in the upper 50s. At Ed Gin's instigation, 10 riders from the Chicago area to gather at Larry Zenger's house for a long Sunday ride. We rode along the Fox River trail and then through the beautiful Barrington Hills area, for a total of around 57 miles, except Alan Arial, who extended his ride to over 80 miles. The "fast group" averaged about 18.5 MPH, which was quite good considering the number of hills and the strong winds. You can click on these pictures for a bigger image. - Warren.

AA on his Challenge Jester. AA rode 80+  hilly miles at a 19MPH average!

You Da Man!

Barb "Speedy" Prendergass on her Optima Baron with shortened boom, custom Rans Flip-It handlebars and extra laid back seat. Barb really cruises on this bike, and does a good job of keeping up with the rest of the yahoos on these rides.
Dan "High Mileage" Williams on his Lightning P-38 recumbent.
Dan "Doc" Lum on a fully suspended HP Velotechnic Speed Machine with factory carbon fiber tail box.
Earl "Bent Brat" Russel on his Tour Easy Ti-Rush, with patriotic body sock.
Ride leader Ed "Instigator" Gin, on a Ross Festina.
Gary "You did good today" Toy, on an Optima Baron with custom chain idlers and lowered seat.
Larry "Mobile Office" Zenger on a rear suspended Optima Cobra with custom chain idlers and an Optima tailbox.
Tom "New Guy" Smith on an Easy Racer Gold Rush Replica with stripey body sock. Tom rode with the fast group.
Warren "Big Wheel" Beauchamp, on the front suspended Barracuda low racer.

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