Chicago Area Low Racer recumbent bicycles

Chicago Area Recumbent LowRacers
The following is a selection of some of the more interesting 'bents ridden by the Chicago Area Recumbent Riders group. Click on these photos for higher resolution.

Larry Zenger recently obtained this Razz Fazz lowracer. Previously owned by Dennis Ahrends (sp?) of Germany, this 19lb rear suspended carbon fiber wonder is currently the only one of it's kind in the US. Larry will be adding a Pantour front suspension hub to it to allow him to ride it on our funky Illinois roads. 
Barb Prendergass has been busy making carbon fiber wheel disks and tailbox for her Optima Baron. She made the fairing using Larry Zenger's Baron tailbox as a mold, and then adding extensions to better fair in her upper body. Also she and Larry Zenger have modified the steering extensively. Barb is extremely laid back on this bike, and really cruises. 
Last Summer, Larry got the tail fairing for the Razz Fazz. As it was designed for Dennis Ahrends, it was a bit small for Larry, so this winter he expanded it by 6 inches. In addition, he sealed up the bottom and front. Since he has done that it is very hard to draft him.
Last week Larry and Barb received the frameset for this custom carbon fiber velokraft micro- lowracer. For Scale, Barb is 5ft tall. Maybe.  Larry, Barb, Ed, and Earl all worked to get it ready for the ride this past weekend. Barb made the very nice ripstop nylon wheel covers.

In it's current configuration this bike weighs 20.5 pounds. 

Barb practically flew around the course, and was doing a good job of beating up on me (Warren) and Larry. When she gets a front derailleur so she doesn't have to grind up the hills in the big gear she is going to even faster. Ed Gin is going to have to work hard to ride with the women now!
Wendy Toy recently received delivery of her new lowracer built by Ray Brick. This is beautifully constructed steel 26x20 RWD lowracer with a Garrie Hill CF Wishbone seat. Configuration is quite similar to the Festina lowracer. Wendy is still getting used to the very laid back position, and the crank to wheel overlap. PIC2  PIC3  PIC4
Ed Gin debuted his new Cobra low racer. This is another carbon fiber beauty. Ed was much faster on this bike than on his old Festina. The bike is around 25lbs and is super stiff! Even I liked the seat as it fits my super long back wonderfully. Pic2 Pic3
The NoComs are here! Ed and Larry have the first two produced and are working hard to provide feedback to enable the bike to go into limited production. See more about this land luge here!

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