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WISIL HPVers Bike Projects for 1998


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This is Wayne SooHoo's "Aileron" leaning trike HPV "snowmobile".

Wayne says [Edited by Warren]: The machine runs like a virtual bicycle but it will auto choke unwanted lean, especially during skid due to a pendulum effect of the rider. The trackwidth is 20 inches, and it weighs 45 lbs. The main technology is an advanced clutch linked to a proprietary handlebar control. The rider can also attenuate the roll clutch to hold the bike at a particular angle and then slip to a new position at will. The hardware seems robust enough to take the strain of winter riding. Anybody interested in developing such a machine, Contact Wayne Soohoo

Here's Rick Wianecke's Carbon Fiber framed long wheelbase bike that will be residing inside the "Blood Sweat and Gears". He is planning on fielding it for the first time at the World Speed Championships. Rick's pilot (I forget his name) is training hard, and will be attempting the decimach record with this new frame/fairing combination. wianeckeframe.jpg (29628 bytes)

Robert Wood is well on the way to finishing his fully faired blown Vivak and Coroplast low racer (see below for the bike inside this projectile). After overcoming some initial problems, he says the bike is up to speed. Rob will be be performing some finishing touches to prepare the bike for the next race. Rob blew the bubbles himself in an oven that he constructed. robertbike3.jpg (7835 bytes)

Warren Beauchamp (that's me) is working on the "Barracuda", a new supermodified low racer for the '98 racing season. It will be a short wheelbase steel tube framed low racer, with a combination blown and corplast body. Len Brunkalla is currently working on the frame that I designed to be a cross between the WISIL missile, and the Ross Festina.   Here's what I'm hoping it will look like when it's done (OK maybe not pink...). barracuda2.gif (12953 bytes)

Jim Atchison is currently building an all aluminum "prone" bike at the WISIL Skunkworks facility (Bill Murphy's basement). It is a long wheelbase design and is coming along nicely. The (very long) frame is now complete, and they are ready to add the body cradle, steering, and drivetrain componentry. Here's Jim, showing how light the frame is. jimbike1.jpg (10155 bytes)

Robert Wood, is building a low racer for the 1998 racing season. Here's a photo of the frame. It has an aluminum frame, which is epoxied together, sports front and rear suspension, and it looks really low. He is planning to build a VLFA (very low frontal area) fairing for this bike, which he is hoping will allow him to average  40mph in the long races. Rob will be competing in the hpra .decimach challenge this summer... robertbike2.jpg (9537 bytes)

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