HPV Bike Projects
Bike Projects for 1999

micro-moby.jpg (6204 bytes) Garrie Hill is Building a new streamliner for 1999. It will be a high tech carbon fiber and nomex honeycomb bodied HPV based on the "micro-moby" mold plug that he obtained a few years ago. In it will reside a "Zee frame" light weight carbon fiber short wheelbase bike. He's planning on having it ready for this years HPV championships in Sparta, Wis. The pilot for this state of the art vehicle will reportedly be Rob Wood, last years HPRA points series winner.

The WISIL HPVers have finally settled on a project bike to replace the WISIL Missile, which was recently sold to Jeff Potter, of Michigan. The new HPV will be a back to back tandem streamliner, and will be built with the .decimach challenge in mind. Tentative plans include a low racer RWD chrome moly frame, and a fiberglass body based on the Barracuda fairing.

barracuda-fair-v2-9.jpg (4467 bytes) Warren Beauchamp (that's me) is still working on the "Barracuda", a supermodified low racer. I have completed the bike itself, and the basic front fairing. I have added a Coroplast tail section for Modified class racing this year, and will work on a fiberglass tail section for the body this winter.

Bill Murphy is working on next bike. This years model is an RWD   fully suspended aluminum frame bike, based roughly on the geometry (but not the layout) of the Tour Easy. He made his own leading link suspension for the front, and is using an industrial air suspension unit in the rear. He's taken it around the block a few times, but still needs to give it the acid test of a ride up and down the Fox river trail.

Len Brunkalla has started work on a RWD mini low racer for his 10(?) year old daughter Jamela. It is roughly based on the Barracuda low racer, and will have a 12" front wheel and a 16" rear wheel. She will be racing it at an upcoming HPRA event...

Sean Costin and Thom Ollinger are teaming up to produce a high tech "tub" bike. This monococque streamliner will use all the tricks the two have amassed to create a low frontal area, super slick  HPV for the .decimach challenge. odds are that it won't be completed before next year.

Rob Wood will be teaming up with Garrie Hill  to produce his own streamliner for next year, based on Garrie Hill's micro-moby body. It will utilize a fiberglass body, and Garrie's Zee-frame bike chassis.

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