Human powered Boat calculator page

Want to know how fast your boat will go? Hull speed is generally calculated by the length of the hull. Longer hulls are generally faster. Note that many HPBs exceed their hull speed in sprints, but as it takes a lot of power to do so, in "cruising" mode they will generally stay at or under hull speed.

Hull Speed for a foot long hull is:

      6.04 Knots   6.95 MPH   11.18 KPH

Equation: hull speed (knots) = 1.35 * square root (hull length (ft) )
Calculate arbitrary average speeds from time and distance. 
Distance: Miles Kilos Meters
Time: Minutes:Seconds - example: 14:03
Speed: Traveling 1 Miles in 60:0 equates to:

0.87 Knots   1 MPH   1.61 KPH

Most displacement HPBs seem to do a 100 Meter sprint in the 30 second range. 

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