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The 1999 SideWinder HPB

This year there was only one race, the Hydrobowl, as the Rockford Raft Race is now an inner-tube only affair. Because of this I didn't change much. I made a new boom out of 2x2 aluminum box section tubing, and Bill Murphy welded an aluminum bottom bracket into it for me. It is heavy duty now. I used a composite of epoxy/cotton flox/graphite to make a bearing surface at the end of the driveshaft to reduce the driveshaft wobble, and changed to a skate wheel derailure on the drive chain to quiet things down (It's still noisy). Racing went well, and I took 2nd place at the Hydrobowl this year. The gearing is way too low for this prop. At 53 teeth on the chainring, and 13 on the driveshaft, I'm only getting a 4 to 1 step up, and I'm spinning way too fast. I need at least 5 to 1 with this prop. Next year I'll have to find either a bigger prop, or more gearing.

hb_warren1.JPG (7849 bytes)
Warren racing at Hydrobowl99


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