Warren's human powered boat 2007
Human Powered boat 2007

Necky Kayak at Hydrobowl 2007

For 2007 all I did was create a pair of 8 foot long by 8" wide outriggers out of 2" thick blue insulation foam. They are pointy in the front and cut off flat in the back. I epoxied a 4" x 5" chunk of plywood into the top of the center of each float, with a 3/8 bolt mounted in it. The center of the floats are mounted to an aluminum tube, which is mounted sturdily to the seat mount bolts on the kayak. The backs of the floats are supported by fiberglass rods. These are mainly just there to kep the floats parallel to the kayak hull. 

The idea was that just the back of the floats would contact the water while I was moving and would skim along the water in planing mode. to accomplish this floats were mounted so fronts are up in the air at about a 5 degree angle. This actually worked quite well. I felt nice and stable at all speeds. The floats just went tappetty tappetty on the water at high speed. Stopped or at low speed, I could lean over on the float and it would lay flat on the water and provide plenty of support.

This year I had the fastest ever (recorded) time for the 2K Hydrobowl race. Almost a minute faster than last year!

Now I just need to cover them with fiberglass and paint them.

I have been talking to Rich Hodgkins about his Motion-Tech Needle Surf-Ski. This is a 20 foot - 11 inch long, 16 inch wide racing Surf Ski that because of a combination of it's narrow width and high seat, nobody can paddle without capsizing. It looks to Rich and I as a perfect candidate to be HPB-ized.

Current plans are to create a new twisted chain drivetrain that is lightweight and has some adjustment for leg length, as this will be a "record setter" class HPB. It will be used in combination with the skimmer outriggers as developed for the Necky HPB.

Motion-Tech Needle - Side

Motion-Tech Needle - Side

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