Gerrit NoNonsense Lowracer
NoNonsense Lowracer Construction
Gerrit has designed his new lowracer, and it's in the process of being built by Erik in Gerrit's homeland of Belgium.

Here, Erik checks out the front fork.

The bike will eventually be a NoCom clone, which he is calling NoNonosense, but it will start life as as square tube steel framed lowracer.

Here's the 1X drawing.



Here, the frame is laid out on his 1X drawing.

The frame pieces are then clamped together and welded.   
Here you can see the flanges at the front of the seat which allows the frame to be separated into 2 parts for easy travel . The flanges are held together by 4 bolts.
 Gerrit is using a velokraft VK1 seat.
Since the bike is FWD, and Gerrit is quite light, an extremely lightweight 700C rear wheel can be used.
The frame has many sections to all it to curve around the front wheel, allowing Gerrit to sit closer to the wheel for added crank clearance. 
He's using aluminum tiller bars for now but will be getting a carbon fiber bar from velokraft soon.
Gerrit says:  
"BTW , some parts are recycled from my Dahon XP Jetstream (broken frame replaced with Speed Pro) : fork , V-brake +lever, cranks.
Seat is from my VK1 which will be turned into a VK2 with integrated seat soon , tiller is Velokraft too.
Hub is a Capreo.
BB is from Ligfietsshop Tempelman (Dutch shop, Flevo specialist , Flevo (and Zox too) uses same tube size)"
specs :
in 406*622 version
seat height 19 cm
wheelbase 134 cm
BB height 50 cm
weight 12.5 kg
seat angle : 700C is 15 deg
A view from the cockpit. 
The BB position is adjusted by sliding the BB assembly which clamps to the boom tube.

Note : planned BB height was 47 cm , Eric still has some cutting and re-welding to do

Gerrit says: "In the 406*406 version I should be able to get wheelbase down to 115 cm by using different rear end, and lower still, probably 110 cm, by also making a new front end . Seat height in this picture is 16 cm, seat angle is 12 degrees."
"The frame is way to heavy for my needs , could do with 1mm wall thickness, however we could only find 1.5 mm in square 50*50. So 2.66 kg is feasible in steel , but in reality I now have a 4 kg super stiff frame."

Here's Gerrit testing NoNonsense. 

"Tiller set up is a mess right now because Kamil sent me the wrong stem, correct stem in carbon could save a few hundred grams of aluminum. This leads me to believe that a round tube version in the right wall thickness can be made under 11 kg or around 24 pounds , which is what Rick Gritters' bikes weighs IIRC"
Gerrit has added a headrest to compensate for the extremely laid back seat, and a fabric rear wheel cover. 
Gerrit packs his new bike up to go to Lanzarote for some riding and training.
Gerrit says: "I had to remove the seat and the tiller, but then it all fit nicely in the bag with ample room to spare; all my biking gear, tools (duct tape!)clothes, shoes and a small espresso machine will fit in.

This ice hockey bag cost 100 euros but it is huge and has wheels. It measures 1.05 * 0.5 * 0.5 meter" .
One lowracer to go please...
Gerrit packed up the bike and bags and was off to the island of resort island of Lanzarote.
Lanzarote appears to be a very scenic volcanic island in the Mediterranean. Nice roads!

Gerrit says: "I must be the 1st recumbent to hit this island ever. Some people react as if they just saw a UFO pass by, others just keep staring in disbelief, and then some are filled with  pure and utter fear. There was an elderly lady that nearly choked when I approached her (not even fast )."

"Must have thought I was the Texas Chainsaw murderer ...And everybody knows I am an all peace & love person (oh those Monkey days...), against guns (how would Ramjet fare these days? ). Got lots of smiles too though .

Anyways, I am glad for the aboriginals that their 1st bent exposure was to a lowracer . It can't get any worse now, can it?"

"BTW, if you plan coming down here and your Spanish is mediocre at best, but you do speak Italian, then donīt bother hablar espaņol, ma parla Italiano, come tutti gli Italiani fanno qui. Mi piace piu e gli espagnoli capiscono tutto. Alora, perche mi stancarai? Basta cosi, vado fare un giro in bici!"

Gerrit just took this picture to make us all jealous. 

Gerrit says:

"I killed my idler."

"As you can see, the right flange was completely toast. The reason was the very narrow BB, causing acute angles in the chain line from idler to cassette and ripping it to shreds under power." 

"It will be resolved tonight , and I'll be back on the bike tomorrow. I just met the guy that will fix it while riding an MTB I rented. He doesn't seem to take that siesta concept seriously. Then again he is from Sheffield, with thick northern English accent."

"Anyway, he is making an aluminum flange and will bolt it on with 3 screws"

NoNonsense Front drivetrain
"So this is where comes into the game; especially Steve Naylor, the mechanic. He fixed the bike in record time too, within half a day, brought it in at noon, was ready in the evening."
"Not being a regular customer, they gave me premium service, while they could have refused so easily by pointing out the abnormal nature of the bike."
"Here's how how Steve fixed my drive train. If some extra added piece looks familiar, itīs probably because you have been exposed to a Cobra..."
"Amazing guy, Steve; he's never seen a bent in his life before, creative, inspired, likes a challenge, can do mentality, attitude."
"As already said, Steve deserves sainthood , but as I have no authority on that, let's immortalize him on the net in the Nononsense webpage . He deserves more than 15 minutes of fame ...Saved my sorry ass." 
"BTW , the island is not in the Mediterranean , but in the Atlantic ocean before the coast of North Africa. Ideal training ground for roadies and
triathletes this time of the year. Team CSC comes here every year. And as you can judge from the pics, quite challenging terrain, certainly if you have a single chainring setup. Actually, there is an ironman here every year, tough one they say "
"I installed TA 155 mm cranks, reduced the Q-factor and got completely rid of the hard crank - wheel interference. I also removed the tiny bit of
heel-derailleur interference that sometimes bugged me if I did not watch my pedaling style."
"I Also got a better new idler (installed it slightly tilted to improve chain mgmt) and narrowed the front wheel by removing the spacer on the non drive side of the Capreo hub ( saved 1.5 cm). The fork was cold set to narrow the dropout width which resulted in the cassette moving to the inside. This in turn resulted in less acute angles of the chain from idler to cassette and from derailleur to chainring . The drivetrain runs very smooth now with no obvious efficiency losses, and the chain guide is no longer necessary."

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