Fairing Seminar 3-28-98


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This is the fairing that was constructed in a little over 5 hours! The proud group of attendees did a superb job and redefined what a "hands on workshop is all about!"

Our "All Star" Out of State Builders

Jon Duffy (Ohio), John Strait (Pennsylvania via California), Walter Smith (Ohio), Scott Mills (Indiana), John Foltz (Michigan), Larry Varney (Kentucky), Elwood Smith (Texas), Robert Sexton (Ohio), Randy Yocum (Wisconsin), Steve Lahey (Iowa), Gus Jorginson (Wisconsin), Regis Duffy (Ohio), Ed Gin ( Illinois)

The following pages hopefully will take you step by step in the process of building your fairing. This fairing was built on a V-Rex with 24 / 20 inch wheels and was owned by Larry Varney. Although the fairing is on a short / medium wheelbased mount, the techniques used can be applied to other configurations. I will discuss the possibilities in the summary / conclusion sections after the pictorial pages. There will also be a complete parts list as well as templates for you to follow at the end of these pages, enjoy and remember that it will take you much longer than the 5 hours it took for our students to build this fairing.........but I'm sure you can do it with a little bit of patience........GOOD LUCK!