Sean Costin's Forte' quasi low racer
Sean Costin's Forte' Quasi Low Racer
Bike and pictures by Sam Whittingham
After the 2000 Battle mountain races, Sean asked Sam to build him an adjustable on the fly quasi low racer, that Sean could use to train on. Sean asked Sam to base the design on Warren Beauchamp's Street 'Cuda, but to make the seat adjustable. Sean sent Sam the wheels, Action-Tec front shock assembly, and other components. In the Spring of 2001, Sam delivered this bike.
This beautifully finished bike has a small lever on the handlebars which releases the seat to raise or lower. It uses a small gas charged shock to raise the seat when the lever is released, which is easily overcome by body weight to allow the seat to recline to the luge position.
The handlebars have a Rans flip-it style mechanism which allows them to fold forward for easy ingress/egress.
The shifting normally accomplished by the front chainring, is handled by a large intermediary gear. Also shown in this picture is the seat mechanism. This bike is front suspended, uses 451mm wheels, and has a monotube front fork.

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