Sean Costin's NoCom Aero bars
Sean Costin makes Aero bars for his NoCom.
Sean's original plan was to make a foam fairing for his hands and forearm, which would be integrated into the handlebars. 
He spent a bunch of time on shaping the foam, but abandoned it in favor of a simpler approach. 
Here are Sean's NoCom Aero bars (top view). 
NoCom Aero bars - view from the cockpit 
NoCom Aero bars - Side view 
This picture shows how Sean's forearm wraps around the bar. This provides additional stability, which is important when you run a 40K TT at an average speed of over 29MPH.  
2nd view - hand position 

Sean used these handlebars to successfully set two separate one hour time trial records and some sprint records on his NoCom. See the WRRA site for details

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