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Meet the Coslinger Team

Sean Costin, of Arlington Heights, Illinois, is a team co-founder and, up through the 2002 season, has been our lead racer.
Sean is one of the winningest recumbent racers in history with Gold medal sprint event victories in 4 world championships, and is currently ranked as the world's third fastest human - at approximately 70mph. He was victorious over current 200M world record holder Sam Whittingham in the 200M and 1 kilometer (unfaired) at the World Championships just 2 months prior to his record run of 80.5 Mph. Sean has 20 years of bicycle racing experience, and has hand built over 15 human powered vehicles. He works as Assistant General Manager of ND Industries, and is the World Human Powered Speed Challenge Founder and Executive Director. Following this year's Speed Challenge, Sean decided not to continue training at this level. His racing and building experience will be an invaluable contribution to the team.
Thom Ollinger, of West Milton, Ohio, is a team co-founder and is our lead fabricator. Thom has 20 years work experience as a machinist, including CNC, and is experienced in welding and composite construction. He has build more recumbent bicycles than anyone can count, including 5 streamliners. Thom has been racing for over 20 years, upright and recumbent, and has earned the title of 1999 North American Streamliner Champion in the HPRA series.

He is also president of Nirvana Bicycles LLC, producer of the "Kidzbent" children's recumbent.

Charlie Ollinger, of Aloha, Oregon, is the team's lead designer. He had a successful record racing as a USCF junior - among the top ranked in Michigan, and later spent four years repairing fighter jets for the US Marine Corps. Charlie has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Arizona, where he was on the student ASME hpv team. He designed and built the "AquaFlyer" human powered hydrofoil boat, and was the lead designer for the 2000 Coslinger Special streamliner. Charlie designed advanced composite structures at McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company, and is currently a project engineer and the corporate CAD guru at ESCO Corporation. Charlie has three patents issued, and three more pending.

Frank Geyer
, of Detroit, Michigan, is the team's new rider. Frank is one of the hottest rising stars in HPV racing. In 2001, his first season of racing HPVs, Frank was named North American Sprint Champion, and was 2nd overall in points in the HPRA series.
In 2002, he set a new class record at Calvin's 12 hr race, placed 6th in the 200m sprints at the European Championships, won the stock class at the World Championships (beating Sam Whittingham by 2mph), and is the current points leader in the HPRA series. He is already focusing his training on the 2003 World Human Power Speed Championship. Frank's previous athletic endeavors include 4 years mountain bike racing - including the Grundig MTB World Cup, and 11 years of competitive rowing (4+cox) - including placing 2nd at the German Nationals, three times Rhineland-Palatinate Champion, and three times top 10 at Nationals. Frank is a Product Design Engineer, Advanced Chassis, at Visteon Corp., and has been designing and building HPVs for 3 years.
Richard Myers calls himself the team gofer, but he is a lot more that. Rich put in a lot of hours building, and refining, the Coslinger Special. He also serves as launch crew member, and general do-whats-got-to-be-done helper. Over the years he has designed and built a series of HPVs, culminating in his fully suspended, fully faired MuleE III, with which he has run a 4:06 century. Richard has retired from 37 years at Lucent Technologies, and is skilled in wood working, metal crafting, and composite fabrication.


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