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The Sponsors  

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartiest thanks to our sponsors, without whom this project would not be possible:


Predictive Engineering is a mechanical engineering consulting company specializing in finite element analysis (FEA), including computational fluid dynamics, structural analysis, and kinematics modeling. George Laird (PhD Oregon State University) has run numerous analyses of the airflow over a variety of fairing shapes, in search of the lowest drag profile. The result is a drag improvement of about 24% over the Coslinger I design. Please visit

Process Equipment Company has been designing and building special machines for over 50 years. Based in Tipp city, Ohio, Process Equipment provides services from design and machining, to fabrication and inspection, for customers needing sophisticated machines and systems. Vice president of operations Michael van Haaren (M.S. in Mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University, and successful criterium racer) has committed the considerable resources at his command to the fabrication of the molds and custom components for the Coslinger II. Please visit


`Bentrider Online is a web magazine catering to the interests of recumbent bicycle enthusiasts. This popular webzine specializes in reviews of recumbents and associated equipment, and includes the broadest buyers Guide in the sport. Bentrider cofounder and editor Bryan Ball has offered funding for travel expenses and equipment costs. Please visit

Crossroads Machine. Vince Holthaus of Crossroads Machine will be performing CNC programming and machining of the COS II's parts. Crossroads Machine is located in Englewood, Ohio.

Design Visionaries. Design Visionaries is a small company specializing in providing Mechanical Engineering and CAD services. They are dedicated to excellence in customer service and quality in their product design, training, and analytical projects. Design Visionaries will be providing the shock units for the COS II's custom suspension.  Please visit Design Visionaries

Peterbuilt Bikes. Peterbuilt bikes is a part time custom bike builder and part of Crystal
Spring Hog Equipment. Pete McAdams of Peterbuilt Bikes will be Laser cutting some of the parts, as well as providing CNC machining services. Peterbuilt Bikes is located in Ste Agathe, Manitoba, Canada.

Stillwater Technologies. Stillwater Tech of Troy, Ohio is a contract tooling & machining company and a manufacturer of resistance welding products. They excel in providing their customers with customized products and timely delivery. Bill Lukens of Stillwater Technologies will be machining the COS II's billet aluminum wheels. Please visit Stillwater Technologies


Phil Wood needs no introduction to anyone serious about cycling.  Innovators of quality bicycle components since 1971, Phil Wood specializes in sealed bearing hubs and bottom brackets.  They will be helping out Team Coslinger with our high performance bearing needs.  Please visit

The Polymer Foundry in Vancouver, Washington, produces custom urethane parts for a wide variety of customers.  They have offered to cast the urethane snubbers for the Coslinger II's suspension system.  Please visit

Other Contributors

  • Garrie Hill has volunteered his carbon fiber forming skills and will be vacuum bagging the COS II body from the female molds.
  • Warren Beauchamp, webmaster for the sites is providing web design services and hosting the COS II web site.
  • Special thanks to Matt Weaver, for his pivotal work on the science behind speedbike engineering. 
  • Doug Roberts. Doug Roberts of Caboose Bike and Skate in Yellowsprings, Ohio will be acquiring parts for the Cos II project.
  • Matt Smith. Matt Smith of Cinncinatti Ohio will be performing additional Computer Aided Drafting work for the Cos II project.

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