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Team Coslinger History

Early in 2000, Sean Costin and Thom Ollinger formed a team with the goal of setting a new record in human powered vehicles land speed. Sean and Thom collaborated over the internet with Thom's brother Charlie to design the Coslinger Special.
cos1render_sm.jpg (1223 bytes)After Charlie lofted the fairing shape in CAD - a shape tightly fit to Sean's body for the lowest frontal area possible, Thom fabricated it from various composite materials, with assistance from Richard Myers. It was then handed off to Sean for installation of the drivetrain and video camera vision system.  
In the meantime, Sean organized the "Worlds Fastest Bicycle Competition", as a venue for racing the Coslinger Special. Coordinating with Matt Weaver and others, a stretch of high desert highway outside Battle Mountain, Nevada was designated, and with much effort by Sean, IHPVA officals, Battle Mountain and Nevada officials, and others, the race was on for October 2000.  The men competing at Battle Mountain were Sam Whittingham in the Varna Mephisto, Matt Weaver in his Kyle Edge, and Sean in the Coslinger Special. By the end of the week, Sam set a new world record at 72.4 mph, Matt exceeded the old Cheetah record (see Popular Science, Oct. `93) with 69.5mph. Sean turned in a 62.8mph run, very respectable considering that the Cos was barely finished and never trialed, and that organizing the event pre-empted Sean's training all summer. Battle Mountain 2000
In 2001, Sean again organized the Battle Mountain event, which produced a dramatic week of speed increases. Sam Whittingham set a new record of 80.5mph, motivated by Matt Weaver's 78mph. A BBC news crew filmed this exciting event (a video is available).
In 2002, Sean returned to Battle Mountain as a competitor, with a refined Coslinger Special. On hand were more high speed HPVs than have ever been assembled in one place before, including teams from Germany, England, Canada, and the US. Weather and fate conspired to make it a week of frustration for most, but in the end Sam bumped the record to 81.0, and Matt's best run was 73.4. Sean's best run ended with a timing equipment failure, but officials were still able to determine his speed at between 68.5 and 71mph, making Team Coslinger the third fastest on Earth. For now...

Our Future

Our experiences with the Coslinger Special, and our observations of our competitors, have taught us much, and we are applying lessons learned to the design of the new machine. It will be a compilation of everything anyone knows about going fast under human power. We are working with George Laird, of Predictive Engineering, to use CFD analysis and give us the lowest drag coeffient in the sport. Simulations that predicted 71mph for the Coslinger Special now put the new machine at nearly 85mph. CNC machined molds will ensure the drag reduction is real. Every component will be modeled in CAD, to ensure fit, form, and function. Precision machined wheels and the best tires available will give us the fastest roll possible. Virtual axis suspension will smooth the road without allowing the speed-robbing vibrations common to these machines. It will be the first bike ever to feature all these technologies.

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