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Coslinger II - The New Machine

The Coslinger Team is using the knowledge gaining through campaigning the Coslinger Special for 3 years to build this faster and highly refined vehicle, the Cos II. This knowledge combined with the innovative features outlined below will be combined to create a vehicle with the potential to be the fastest human powered vehicle ever constructed.

Coslinger II Features

Composite Tub Structure

The Cos II utilizes an internal tub frame rather than a conventional frame constructed of tubing. This tub frame design allows interchangeable shells, provides added crash protection, allows the shell to be constructed in an extremely lightweight manner, and is rideable without the aero shell.    

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Improved Shape

Through the extensive use of computer modeling, the Cos II has achieved the goals of extended laminar flow and better pressure recovery. In the real world this will mean LESS DRAG, or higher overall and sustainable speeds.

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cos2pers-sm.jpg (4353 bytes)

Front and Rear Suspension

  • less rolling resistance
  • isolates body from road vibration (better laminar flow)
Virtual Axis Steering

The Cos II utilizes a suspended virtual axis steering assembly to provide rigid support of wheel and improved caster and tracking, and to allow the suspension to be tuned to the current track conditions.

Billet Machined Wheels

The Cos2 will utilize custom billet machined aluminum wheels to ensure perfect trueness and concentricity. These wheels will provide better rigidity and a narrower profile than conventional bike wheels. The wheels will utilize carbon fiber covers for maximum aero efficiency.
Custom Low-Q crankset 

The custom extra low-Q crankset allows the fairing nose to be kept narrow. It utilizes an integrated chainring with spider and crank arm for maximum rigidity.

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