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Team Coslinger exists for speed 
The team exists to attain the fastest speed man can go under his own power. The sport is Human Powered Vehicle racing, featuring top athletes riding bicycles that look like something from outer space. In this sport, success demands a fusion of excellence in both man and machine, which no other sport can equal. Team Coslinger is a collaboration of some of the best people in the sport. We have two riders at the top of the field, the best designer in the business, and builders with more collective experience with quality HPVs than any other team.
The Holy Grail
The holy grail of this sport is the 200 meter flying start speed trial. The stakes are amazingly high: Sam Whittingham, of Vancouver BC, holds the record at 81.0mph. We're planning on 85mph. Another target is the hour record, which is now 50.42 miles. We are predicting over 60 miles. Then there are records for various distances and times. And there are races, series of races, and world championships. We're after them all - a sweep of the sport.
Bold claims? 
Take a closer look. Team Coslinger is known and respected in the HPV community, always a strong contender, always at the center of the action. But now, we be building our secret weapon. Our next bike, the Coslinger II, will be the most advanced HPV ever built.
We are currently working with an expert in computational fluid dynamics to conceive a shape sleeker than most have dreamed of. Our racing experience, and that of the sport at large, has taught us what works and what doesn't. Now we're moving ahead, to innovative solutions in drive-train and suspension.

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Coslinger II (click on image for larger view)

We have solutions to problems our competitors don't yet even understand. When this machine hits the streets, the HPV world will be changed forever

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