Coast Down Testing
Coast Down Testing
There are many ways to do coast down testing. It's handy to have a hill where you can start rolling from a specific spot every time, and that has a long enough roll out area to allow you to come to a dead stop. If you don't have a hill, you can try pedaling to a specific speed, and making sure you are at that speed when crossing as mark, but that is not as accurate.

8/20/2010 - Warren Beauchamp

In either case, you need a way to know how far your coast was. A bike computer is not accurate enough. Chalk marks and measuring are no fun. What you need is an easily resettable may to count wheel revolutions. This can be done by connecting a pedometer to a bike computer sensor. If you know the circumverece of your bike wheel, it's easy to figure out the total coast distance for each run. If you need more accuracy, just add more magnets. Here's the one I built.

I'm hoping to have time to use it to do some testing soon.

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