Assault on Mt. Mitchell

2004 Assault on Mt. Mitchell
May 22nd, 2004 Sharie & Ray Brick completed the assault.

Every year a huge number of cyclists gather at the bottom of Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina, to make a run to the top. This is no small feat. It's a century ride with over 2 miles of vertical gain!

Sharie and Ray Brick are the first recumbent Tandem team to ever complete the assault.

In this picture cyclists gather for the start of the Assaults. The majority of the riders stop at Mt. Marion.

The lighted sign on the right side of the picture gives a count down to the start of the ride. Thousands of cyclists are waiting to go.

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One last picture of Sharie at the staging area. The tandem they rode was built by Ray Brick. 

Almost time to go!

The back of Ray's head was Sharie’s view for the next 102 miles.
Sharie and Ray stopped at the Mt. Marion rest stop after 72 miles and 4,500 feet of climbing. 

Now the real climbing begins.

Here's Sharie and Ray Brick arriving at the finish line on the top of Mt. Mitchell. 

They are the first people ever to complete this ride on a recumbent tandem. The Assault is 102 miles long with 11,000 plus vertical feet of cumulative climbing. Total time: 11 hours 25 minutes and 1second.

Ray at the top of Mt. Mitchell with his patch.
Sharie at the top of Mt. Mitchell with her patch
The end. Big smiles now that we are over with the pain. A heavy downpour began immediately after this picture was taken.

Ray is now manufacturing these high quality and lightweight tandems and other recumbent bikes to custom specifications. Check out his Velogenesis site for info about his tandems, lowracers and other recumbent bikes.

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