Bent Stuff - miscellanous HPV and recumbent bike information
'Bent Stuff Miscellaneous Mostly Recumbent Bicycle Related Items
Evelyn Hamilton, 1930's recumbent racer?
Remembering David Gordon Wilson
Rebuilding a Bacchetta Giro with dual 20" wheels
Report on the 2016 Chicago Unconventional Bike Expo (CUBE)
Recumbent Cycle Convention 2014
Charlie Ollinger's 2014 Texas Time Trial Race Report
November 2011 Barrington Hills ride
Mike's BD5 fairing
Reverse Gear recumbent clothing review
Hostel Shoppe Rallye 2010
Bill Irvine builds bikes - An article by Michael Eliasohn
Interbike 2009 - A recumbent persective
 Warren builds the 300 Lumen LED bike light
HPRA AMB Elite Timing system battery replacement
NoCom modifications & Stuff - Warren performs the speed mods on his NoCom
Pictures from the 2007 recumbent screensaver on a web page
Chris Cortez' Gritters lowracer
Chicago Christmas party 2006
The NoCom page - NoCom pictures and review
Extremely off topic, but here's info about passenger car aerodynamics
Bill Murphy Memorial Page
Recumbent slide show
The NoCom Triumvirate page
Sharie and Ray Brick's Assault on Mt. Mitchell 2004
Pegasus Fusion - More HPV racing history
Team Strange - Mid 1980s HPV racing history 
Interbike 2004 - from a recumbent perspective - full on the spot report!
Fastest Bikes Ever - A list of the fastest bikes ever recorded! Updated January 2005
Flugtag Miami 2003 - WAU
Flugtag Chicago 2003 - Der Fledermaus
It's The Bike - An antithesis to the book by Lance Armstrong by Warren Beauchamp
Mochet Velocar - History and how it relates to 'bent racing today
Downloadable Recumbent related screen saver and programs
Mark Matarella's 19th Century HPVs page
Mark Matarella's Streamliners page
Recumbent Toys - Exciting motorized toys based on popular HPV racers
Cool Bikes - Chicago Area Recumbent Riders - Cool Lowracers
Feb 2004 WISIL Meet-n-Swap at the Wheel&Sprocket bike store
WISIL Newsletter "Alternative Cycling" -  January 2002   in PDF format
January 2002 "Thousand Hills" ride
By The Foot - An HPV racing article by Judy Marcus, originally published in the Chicago Tribune.
Celebrities on 'bents - Artwork by Jacques Choppinet
Bryant Tucker Memorial page
Lowracer Movie - A short clip of a typical Ed Gin weekend ride... ...with 6 low racers!
Einmagnetstein - Artwork by Voller Ernst.

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