Barracuda Streamliner racing highlights
Barracuda Streamliner Racing Highlights
The Barracuda streamliner was first raced by Warren Beauchamp in 1999 in the "modified" class. In this incarnation, the bike had the now familiar Barracuda front half, but used a Coroplast tail section. In it's first race, at the Northbrook velodrome, it took first place and lapped everyone, including racers in the SuperMod class by 4 laps. Later in 1999 at the BAS racers at the Milwaukee Mile, the bike went 32 laps in an hour, finishing first place in class. This bike/rider combo placed first in class or first overall in every race entered (barring crashes or technical issues) in every race it was entered in.

In the year 2000, Warren completed the Barracuda full streamliner, and after some initial tweaking, it became a race winning machine. In 2005, The Cuda-W speedbike was completed.

The following is a list of highlights of this bike/rider combination:

Barracuda streamliner

  • 2000 BAS ride - 1st place in all events - 36 miles in the hour race
  • 2000 Ohio races  - 1st place (tie) in 1hr event 38.458 MPH average speed
  • 2001 Indy fest - 1st place in all races
  • 2001 Michigan races - 1st place in 1hr TT
  • 2001 Northbrook 100 - 1st place in 1K TT and 100 lap events. Set new 100 lap course record of 41:09 by over a minute.
  • 2001 Kenosha races - 1st place in both events.
  • 2001 North American Championships: 1st place in all events. Won the yearly 200M .decimach challenge prize (44.17MPH).
  • 2002 Northbrook 100 - 1st place in all events.
  • 2002 Kenosha races - 1st place in "indeterminate laps" race.
  • 2002 IHPVA world championships - 1st place overall in streamliner class.
  • 2002 Battle Mountain WHPSC - Top speed of 58.482MPH, raced every day!
  • 2003 Northbrook 100 - 1st place in 100 lap event.  Set new 100 lap course record of 40:07 by nearly a minute. See the newspaper article
  • 2003 "Sub 4" - 100 mile ride on country roads in 3 hours 36 minutes 32 seconds.
  • 2003 Ohio - 1st place 1 hour TT - HPVA Championship Event - Won yearly Dempsey-MacReady prize.
  • 2004 Michigan HPRA races - Won "HPVA Road Race Champion" armband for 1st place in Sunday road race in streamliner class. 

Cuda-W speedbike

  • 2005 64.4 MPH at the World Human Powered Speed Championships in Battle Mountain, NV.
    Video of the run through the traps by Mike Mowett
  • 2006 1st place in 50 lap race at the Iowa Hawkeye Downs HPV races. 37.938MPH average. 1st place in 3/4 mile TT.
  • 2008 1st place at Waterford, MI one hour race at close to record pace.

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