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Barracuda Fairing Phase 2

Last update - 01/10/01

3/31/99 - I trashed the 1.0 fairing...   I began work on version 2 of the fairing, which I'm hoping will look more like my original drawing. This one will have a fiberglass nose, and Coroplast sides/tail. I'll finish the rest in fiberglass as time permits. A week or so ago, I bought 6 sheets of 2" pink polystyrene insulation foam to make the plug. I cut each of them in an aero shape using a NASA wing section that I found on the Web, and glued them together with 3M super 77 spray adhesive. This gave me a stack of foam that looked great from the top, but was still square from the sides. I then made some templates from plywood to cut the plug from the side view. Bill Murphy stopped by to help me hotwire along the templates after I fastening them to the sides of the plug. After an evening or so of filing with a very coarse file, here's what I've accomplished:

barracuda-fair-v2-1.jpg (4643 bytes) barracuda-fair-v2-2.jpg (4465 bytes)

Once I get the plug shaped properly, and sanded down, I will cover it in fiberglass/epoxy, use bondo to smooth irregularities, paint it, and cover it with numerous coats of Carnuba wax. It will then be ready for me to make a fairing with. (I'm not ready for the female mold thing yet...)

4/16/99 - After applying the epoxy, this is what the fairing looks like. I'm working on the front portion first, so I'll end up with a fiberglass front end, and a Coroplast rear for now. I'll be adding the fiberglass rear section as I find time. I propped the 'cuda up next to the plug to show how the bike will fit into the fairing.

barracuda-fair-v2-3.jpg (3778 bytes) barracuda-fair-v2-4.jpg (5850 bytes)

Here's the latest photo retouch of what it might look like...

barracuda-fair-v2-5.jpg (3688 bytes)

5/1/99 - The picture below is of the male plug after I finished, painted, and waxed it. Ready to make fairings!

barracuda-fair-v2-6.jpg (5205 bytes)

6/3/99 - After a couple of months of work, I have made the front fairing and mounted it to the bike. I made the fairing in 2 pieces, a top half, and a bottom half, and then glassed them together. I had to do some sectioning and reglassing in a couple sections as I made the plug 20" wide, and after sitting in the fairing I discovered that I could get away with 18" wide. 

 barracuda-fair-v2-7.jpg (3703 bytes)

I added a temporary coroplast tail section to it, and will be racing in the "modified" class. This means I have to get in and out of the bike without moving any panels. This is harder than it sounds. It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but I cut small foot holes in the bottom of the Coroplast portion of the fairing, which allow me to (barely) squeeze myself down into the fairing. Once I'm in it's comfy, though snug. I have begun to paint and finish the nose, but I've got a way to go...

barracuda-fair-v2-9.jpg (4467 bytes)

7/15/99 - Here it is ready to race in the 1999 "Bryant Tucker 100" at the Northbrook velodrome and the Cheddar Cheese Challenge at the Kenosha velodrome. I'll try not to scratch it up too badly...

barracuda-fair-v2-10.jpg (2951 bytes)

7/21/99 - Racing Post mortem. It works Great! On the velodromes, I am now able to criuse at the (scary) speed of 35MPH for about 15 minutes, and then keep up 33 MPH comfortably for a long time. The hardest part is stopping without falling over, due to the one-sided hand out stop I need to do. I'll work on that... Planned  improvements for the World Speed Championships include a landing gear and closing in the bottom more.

barracuda-kenosha-99.jpg (5865 bytes)

10/3/99 - I added the landing gear for the HPRA North American Championships and it worked great. No more falling over. I tried to close the bottom in more, but it looks like I am already pushing the envelope for the "modified" class that I am running in this year. If I close it in any more, I won't be able to squeeze myself in... Racing season is now over for me, and it's back to building season. 

I started the Phase 3 construction by sectioning 3 inches out of the width of the fairing plug, and will now start to add the tail, which will look more like the "photo retouch" above, and will be a full streamliner design with a blown bubble for my head..

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