Brad Teubners Winter Cab Version 2

Brad Teubner's Winter Cab Version 2

I purchased a Trice from Ken Trueba of Eco-Cycles in 1994.  I rode it to work for two winters in northern Minnesota bare and built a cab for it in 1996.  Note the distinction between a cab and a fairing.

Brad's 1996 version 1 winter cab on

After 14 winters the Coroplast had deteriorated and it was time for the second frame repaint and a new cab.  1 ½ sheets of 2mm Coro, 68 zip ties, and 14 feet of sewing later, here we are.
The items that I changed from the previous version:
  1. Orange instead of white (who’d have thought)
  2. No side doors.  Almost never used them, and they were a weakness in the shell.
  3. More rear storage.   Want to be able to get groceries.
  4. Simpler construction.
  5. No adhesives of any kind to cover seams in Coro.  All adhesives that I tried get old and deteriorate after several years.

The items that I carried over:
  1. Front pivot in/out.  Simple and clean.  Two hose clamps to remove the shell.
  2. Coroplast construction.  Great material, simple to work with, not excessively loud.
  3. My lights and mirror. 

This picture below shows the top hatch for keeping snow out when parked at work.

Top Hatch open
This picture shows the only place the cab attaches to the trike.
This picture shows:

1.  Coroplast boxes that will hold one grocery bag per side.

2.  Aluminum parts that the shell rests on when lowered

These pictures show how much of me is visible to the wind during my commutes.

Side View

Front View

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