1997 HydroBowl Results
Official Results Hydro-Bowl '97

August 23, 1997
Location: Pierce Lake, Rockcut State Park, Rockford, IL

This event was conducted in association with hpra, the WISIL HPVers and the IHPVA. Thanks to Warren Beauchamp, Bob Buerger, William Murphy, and Peter Muth, for their work in preparing the venue and course, for the event. We would also like to thank Karen Beauchamp, and Sa'mah Brunkalla, for their assistance with registration and scoring. Thanks to all of the competitors that attended and/or competed in our event (better luck next year, Warren). Last but not least, we would like to thank the Illinois Department of Parks and Recreation, for the use of the facilities. Trophies were donated by Len & Sa'mah Brunkalla.

    Crew 100 Meter race Slalom Course 2k Race Bollard pull Total Overall
veh# Vehicle Type Name(s) Time Ranking Time Ranking Position Pull (Pounds) Place Points Place
26 Cataman, Propeller drive. Alex Deike 0:44.19 6th 2:28 .44 3rd 5th 62.0 4th 18 6th
31 Small kayak, arm powered. Jim Atchison 0:45.75 7th 2:25.84 2nd 4th 64.0 3rd 16* 4th
34 Single Hull, propeller drive Bill Murphy 0:33.40 4th 3:33.59 6th 2nd 52.8 5th 17 5th
37 Hydrofoil, propeller drive, arm and leg powered. Jake Free 0:27.10 1st 2:32.10 4th 3rd 38.2 6th 14 2nd
40 Hydrofoil, propeller drive. Paul Niedermann 0:29.94 3rd 2:42.81 5th 6th 80.0 2nd** 16* 3rd
43 Tandem Catamaran, propeller drive. Bob Buerger &
Sean Costin or
Warren Beauchamp
or Peter Muth
0:28.53 2nd 2:17.78 1st 1st 80.0 2nd** 6 1st
44 Catamaran, propeller drive. Jenny Free 0:38.91 5th 6:03.00 7th 7th 22.0 7th 26 7th

*Both contestants accumulated 16 points. The 100m event was used for a tie breaker in this instance.

**Both contestants pulled virtually the same value, therefore both contestants received 2nd place points, and no first place was given.