1998 WISIL Hydrobowl Pictures

1998 WISIL Hydrobowl Pictures

Thanks to Teresa Cheatham for the photos!

This year we had 9 entrants including a hydrofoil, two monohulls, a four man catamaran, a two man catamaran, a kayak, and a smattering of one man catamarans. The races started at 10:00am sharp HPB time (which seems to be even more delayed than HPV time). OK, they really started around noon, even though Bob Buerger and Bill Murphy had spent the previous day placing buoys and supervising the surveyors. The first race was the 2K race, which was 9 laps around the course. George Tatum stole the show with his Hydrobike, followed by Jake Free's 4 man juggernaut. The second race was the slalom, which was won by Paul Niedermann on his highly maneuverable catamaran (this year sans foils). The third race was the 100 Meter sprints, once again won by George, and followed closely by Jake on his arm and leg powered hydrofoil, which he managed to keep aloft for the entire distance. There was an exhibition mass "drag race" (won by George), and then a Bollard pull (static drag) competition. The static drag was won by the 4 man craft and followed by Jim Atchison's Kayak. I was just happy that my catamaran stayed together (mostly) this year, after some interesting drive train failures the previous two years. All in all it was another successful Hydrobowl, and I am looking forward to another next year.

This shot is of Jake Free's juggernaut class HPB. It has fiberglass pontoons, 4 riders and as long as they could keep all the chains on, was very fast. This craft won the annual "Rockford Raft Race" (prize for 1st place was 500 bucks!) the previous week.

jakefreeboat1.jpg (8819 bytes)
someboats.jpg (5714 bytes) Here is a shot of a variety of HPBs. From Left to right are George Tatum's Hydrobike, one of Jake Free's utility craft, Jake Free's arm and leg powered hydrofoil, and Paul Niedermann's catamaran. Paul raced his boat last year as a hydrofoil, but had some delamination problems with his foils over the past year.

Here's a site shot of my (Warren Beauchamp) catamaran. The sideways seating makes the drivetrain much more efficient, thought it only has a 3.5 to 1 drive ratio. That just means I have to spin fast. 

warrenbeauchamp2.jpg (5012 bytes)
boats98/bobsboat1.jpg (11473 bytes) Here's Bob Buerger and Steve Spencer on Bob's 2 man wood and heat-shrink plastic catamaran. Behind them is Paul Niedermann on his catamaran

Here's another shot of Bob and Steve preparing to disembark. Bob had won the "Rockford Raft Race" about 7 years in a row with this boat, he's thinking about a new one for next year.

bobsboat2.jpg (16714 bytes)
billmurphy1.jpg (20006 bytes) Here's Bill Murphy putting his boat (the one on the left) together. Bill transports his 16 foot boat in his Honda Civic hatchback, with the about 8 feet of the monohull foam/luan plywood and fiberglass composite craft  hanging out the back. The boat on the right is Warren Beauchamp's foam and fiberglass sideways catamaran.

This is the '98 Hydrobowl's only production craft, a short kayak piloted by Jim Atchison. Hey Jim, I've got this great little HPB for sale...

jimatchison.jpg (6911 bytes)

warrenbeauchamp.jpg (7025 bytes)

This shot is of me and Paul Niedermann getting ready to ram each other. OK, not really.

Bill Murphy, paddling out into deep water so he can lower his drive unit. This year's configuration had the rear drive unit, and a front rudder, which improved the boats maneuverability greatly.

billmurphy2.jpg (5854 bytes)

georgetatum.jpg (7774 bytes)

This is George Tatum, taking it easy between races on his Hydrobike. The blue floats fold up when he is underway. The workmanship on this 20 foot monohull fiberglass shelled craft is quite nice, and it's FAST. George's boat uses a center mounted rudder to stabilize the craft, and a rear one to steer. Apparently it takes a little getting used to, as a couple people tried this boat, and they all capsized while attempting a turn.

moreboats.jpg (10488 bytes)

An HPB montage of Warren, Paul, and George. Ringo just exited to the right...

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