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Zotefoam Manual - Door
A project by John Tetz - April 2005

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I waited to cut the door until I knew where my shoe must go when entering and exiting the shell. The leading edge of the door does not have to be even with the canopy. The smaller the door, the lighter the door and the stiffer the shell. Carefully lay out the lines for the door opening, and with a razor blade cut nice straight lines, as these are the lines you will see on the shell. Then start constructing the latch system.
This shows the inside of the door with a backing for the latch system, which is made from 0.2” HD 80 and glued to the door. Note there are spaces on the right and left edges of the green door. These will contact an overlap on the shell to limit the door in its closed position. Leave enough space along the top edge because this is the groove into which the canopy will drop. Lay a cover piece on top to complete the groove. Below the door in the photo above are two sliders also made from HD 80. They have finger tabs that are used to move the sliders. The photo below shows the sliders attached and in the open position (slide inwards):
The photo below shows the slider in the closed position, which will overlap the shell edge stiffener:
I used a cloth hinge. Cut the cloth to the proper width to be glued to the bottom edge of the door (thickness of door) and to the edge of the shell, including about 0.25” of the U-stiffener to increase the gluing area. Make a longitudinal crease at the thickness of the door by folding the cloth and squeezing it in a vise. Use a little heat from the hot air gun when the cloth is in the vise to help make a permanent crease.

Next, apply a light coat of contact cement and let it dry overnight, as the cement takes a long time to dry on cloth. Apply another thin coat of glue, then apply the hinge to the bottom of the door. The closed end of the hinge goes out, the open ends goes in. Glue and lightly apply to the shell to check for alignment and even gaps, then press firmly. Here is the door installed:

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