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Zotefoam Manual - Color Layout
A project by John Tetz - April 2005

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The color separation lines should be laid out as soon as the mold is finished. Refer to the finished vehicle photo at the beginning of the Mold section. These lines are needed so the raw Zotefoam can be cut oversized in preparation for heating. With the 2” reference stacks on the mold, the 27.5” line can be located easily from the front wheel to the tail. Masking tape makes a very good visual guide to mark the curving front section line. Look at the low angles to see if the curve is smooth. Stand back to see proper proportions. If the lines are off, they can be moved. Once properly located, fresh masking tape should be used (the mold can also be marked). Also mark which edge of the tape is the separation line.
Don’t forget to do the green/grey line along the bottom.

Laying out these lines takes a bit of care, patience, and judgment as to where the lines should be in terms of looks and function.

In the smaller radius area of the nose, the masking tape has to be cut every half inch or so to go around the tight corners. The width of this tape must be accurately maintained as a guide for trimming (explained in section  Trimming and Cutting).

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