MARS Recumbent bicycle projects

Zotefoam Manual - Turtledeck
A project by John Tetz - April 2005

Introduction   Mold   Layout   Form   Cut   Glue   Internal Braces   Install the Trike   Tail   Door   Canopy   Turtledeck

Last is the turtledeck. I basically hand-formed these two pieces. The sides of the yellow area have very little forming. The hardest part is trimming the fit between the turtledeck and the shell. This shows the two sides rough-cut and taped to the shell:
This photo shows heat-formed scraps of HD 80 holding a green top in place to determine the size of the grey filler piece.
This photo shows the grey filler trimmed and taped in place to check for fit. Note the green triangular piece also being fitted at the tail end:
This shows the use of paper to control the gluing operation. Finally, fabricate the tongue along the entire length of the bottom edge.
I made a hinge with a removable pin so the turtledeck can be removed. I suggest using a piece of HD 80 in this area as a backup and on the turtle deck as a stiffener. Then glue the hinge to it.
Do a final trim around the cockpit area. I added a strip of grey for accent:
Here are the door, canopy, and turtledeck opened. There is a string to limit opening of the turtledeck. To close the turtledeck, slip the tongue on the right side into the groove, then do the left side. There is one clip per side about halfway down to hold it on. I also use a short piece of Velcro near the most forward end to hold that area down to the shell, and another piece of Velcro between the canopy and turtledeck.
This photo shows the door canopy open as you would see getting in:
To climb in the vehicle, first open the door, hang on to the handlebars for support and stability, then raise your right foot over the door opening and down through the foot opening in the bottom. That 22” line is about as high as you can comfortably get your feet up and over. Then raise your left foot over the door opening, step into the left foot hole, and lower yourself into the vehicle, using the handlebars for balance.
Front view of the completed Veloliner

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