MARS Recumbent bicycle projects

Zotefoam Manual - Canopy
A project by John Tetz - April 2005

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Heat form a U-stiffener to fit the inside canopy shape and glue in approximately as shown. Make and glue in the tongue assembly on the left side of the canopy so it lines up with the groove on the door edge. Pre-glue a cloth hinge, but do not glue to the canopy.
Make the lap joint on the leading edge of the canopy and inside the shell. The inside of the shell has a layer of HD 80 placed even with the trailing edge of the shell. To provide a lap for the canopy, glue a second layer extending about 0.5” beyond the edge. The canopy has one layer of HD 80 flush with its edge and makes contact with the lap. These stabilize the edges of the shell and canopy. I use one over center clip to hold the canopy to the shell and one to hold the canopy to the door.

Glue the hinge to the shell but not to the edge of the canopy. Check the fit of the canopy along the canopy/shell joint with the canopy inserted in the door tongue & groove. A trim cut along the right edge of the canopy may be needed to bring it in flush with the shell. Also, look from the back view for uneven heights of the left side vs right side of the canopy. This cut can also adjust left/right heights. This edge is a slightly curved line, so use the edge as a guide. Glue the canopy, lightly apply it to the shell to check for fit, then press firmly.

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